Tuning your Audi

Comprehensive tuning guide for Audi engines

Our admin is a big Audi fan and this is reflected in the depth of technical engine tuning articles we provide. As new engines and performance upgrades are released we will cover them here.

Choose the right mods for your Audi tuning project by following our common sense guide and the experience of seasoned Audi tuners.

The Audi turbocharged diesel and petrol engines can be very easily modified for a 30% power hike, read about remaps and turbo upgrades in our tuning section.

We also look at and review common faults and problems with Audi cars helping you to avoid them or deal with them as they crop up.

Our Audi forums are the most active forums on here at the moment reflecting the popularity of the choice of Audi in tuning projects. The RS and S badges hint at the capabilities of this excellent range of cars.

Q7 Tuning

Audi Q7 Tuning “Thanks for reading my Q7 tuning guide.” The Q7 is the large SUV from Audi, that still […]

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1.8T engine Tuning

The 1781 cubic centimeters in this 20 Valve turbo charged engine represents what must be one of the most tunable engines around today and can be tuned to extremes.

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Q5 Tuning

Audi Q5 Tuning “Thank you for reading my Q5 tuning guide.” Released in 2008 to much doubt that Audi needed […]

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Q3 Tuning

Audi Q3 Tuning “Thanks for reading my Q3 tuning guide.” The Q3 is a very capable SUV and a great […]

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