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I am a big Audi fan and have owned many over the last 20 years.

R8 V8 Tuning

The R8 is a stunning piece of engineering and is arguable one of the most easily drivable supercars around today.

Audi took the expertise they had in Lamborghini, and created the masterpiece that is the R8. In my opinion Audi took the German supercar title from the Porsche 911 with the R8.

RS4 Tuning

Once again Audi show the world they can make a supremely quick car that handles like it is on rails. The early RS4 will benefit from a set of uprated shocks all round.

The later RS4 is pretty much perfect from the factory but you can still add a bit more power!! TorqueCars recommend that you get adjustable shocks and set them up to suite your driving preference and style.

RS6 tuning

For those looking for the ultimate sleeper then you would be daft to dismiss the Audi RS6.

It’s massive heavy body is propelled by a monstrously powerful 450 bhp engine.

If you are not going to reduce the weight then just increase the power to silly figures seemed to be Audi’s mantra.

S6 Tuning

The S6 was, in it’s time, the flagship Audi. The interior was trimmed with carbon fibre, long before it became a popular aftermarket option.

It offered fantastic performance and still looked like an ordinary accountants car!

There were only a few engine options which varied from region to region. The 2.2 (ANN) Turbo was pretty rare with more of the 4.2 V8 (AEC) engines being sold. in 1999 the 2.2 Turbo was dropped and only the 4.2 V8 was offered.

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