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I am a big Audi fan and have owned many over the last 20 years.

Audi A1 Tuning

Some may argue that Audi didn’t need a small car in the model range but the uptake of the A1 has been phenomenal and the car is a superb high end small car. Handling and performance are quite good as standard but we shall look at A1 tuning and report on the best modifications. With a few sensible performance modifications you can greatly increase your driving enjoyment.

The A1 is a great project car if you want a track day car, and our members have some interesting projects

S3 Tuning

The S3 is a good car tuning project to play with. Audi have done many modifications to the S3 including a twin intercooler and 4 wheel drive (haldex) system to help put the power down. This gives an excellent base for a tuning project and we look at the best mods for this awesome car.

Drop the S3 optimally somewhere in the region of 20mm and fit stiffer adjustable shocks, bigger drops will need other modifications in most instances or your arches will rub on the tyres, especially if you have fitted larger rims.

Audi 2.0 TFSi tuning

Due to concerns about emissions and tighter controls the 2.0 TFSi engine was born and contains a number of major revisions to enhance engine efficiency. The 1.8T engine was retired and replaced with a more powerful turbo charged 2.0 FSi unit.

The most notable revision is the introduction of direct injection allowing very fine control over fuelling and as well as the extra economy on offer the engine provides a lot of extra performance.

A4 tuning

The A4 range from 1995 continuing the Audi range of high quality executive cars. In the A4 Audi had a car which rivals the BMW 3 series, albeit without the image. The range includes a selection of body styles from the Saloon to the Estate model. Reliability is up to the usual high Audi standards and the huge range of engine choices ensure there is a model suitable for most drivers needs.

The A4 is the Audi take on the executive car – something which they have executed very well.

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