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Welcome to the Spotted thread. Have you seen another TC'er or something out of the ordinary that made you stop & stare? If so take a snap & post it here! :D No web finds please, keep it to real cars on the street, car park, garage, your mates house, out side the pab etc...;) Here Is my first offering... Seen outside Halfrauds in Cannock this afternoon. The cars belonged to members of the Cannock & district car club & they were there helping to raise money for the County Air Ambulance.
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HI all, heres some details of a little buggy i built last year, its a scratch built Lotus 23 race car, originally built with a K20 Type R engine, but a minor mishap saw it repowered with a K24 Turbo unit. engine is mounted in the rear in a north south configuration and runs through a Subaru trans axle converted to front drive and turned upside down. engine is stock with a Skunk inlet manifold and manual 80mm throttle body and is dry sumped with an IT power integrated pump pan unit. running on E85 with a mild tune it has 310 RWHP and 460ftlbs of torque, and in a car that only weighs 550kg its fairly quick to say the least. Only major problem so gar has been the drive line wasnt strong enough for so much torque, the original Lotus 23...
right everyone after the sale of the previous car fell through (less said the better) :wall: i had a great bit of luck and dropped on this motor from a cracking guy from up cumbria :god: its totally different spec wise to the white one i was going to get and i actually prefer that if im honest as its a lovely base to make a great car from and not ruin the oe looks/charm of it too much. :top: its a 1990 car in red totally standard engine wise apart from a receipt for some form of hybrid turbo stainless system lowered suspension had a resto a few years ago and is in great shape nice and solid in all the usual areas. also had an engine rebuild a few years ago the car has not been on the road since 2014 but the current owner took the car...
Sold the Antara and the MGF as the latter was getting on and getting out was not very graceful! Plus with our first grandchild the wife needed more seats! So pooled the money together and bought two decent cars. The wife has now got an Audi A4 3.0 V6 Cabriolet S-Line, specced by myself and I have an A6 Avant which is pretty much S6 spec. Her car is better than mine! Just sold the T16 MG ZS to a fellow MG club member as needed the room. Still have the blue MK1 ZS. The S6 is a bit noisy, nice comfy ride and it's surprising how well it holds its own considering it is 18 years old! |B
Hi guys after what has been around 6-7 years i have finally got myself back into 206 ownership. our last gti was sold on as we were expecting our first child so something a tad more practical was required. anyway iv had an itch to get into trackdays for a while so started the search or something suitable and not bank breaking to purchase, straight away i just thought id love track a 206 and within 48 hours i had fount a motor under an hour away and at a good price. so today i headed out did all the relevant checks and struck a deal or £1100 i will be collecting the car next weekend and then the fun can begin. got alot of plans in the pipeline which will see it into a very capable and fun track car, it will certainly be staying n/a...
Hi . New to the site but loved the artical. Iam in the throws of rebuilding a AUM engine to go in my 150 TT. I intend to up grade it futher, as the engine in the car at the moment has already been re-mapped. Great result from the re-map, but like most of us I want more, so now have a second AUM enginesitting on the bench to play with. Having read the article, am I right in saying all 1.8t engines have the same bore and stroke dimensions, ie 81mm bore and 144mm stroke. I know the AUM has 19mm gudgen pins and are a weak point in the engine along with the con rods. SO ! I intend to buy to good "H" section rods, but wonder if I can fit BAM pistons. What Ya reckon guys ? Regards Bill
hi everyone me and the wife recently purchased our first joint car together its a 2001 206 gti 138 in moonstone silver, has 107k on the clocks and is a pretty tidy car seeing as its 13 years old since purchasing a couple of weeks ago i have done the following new front discs and pads sportex oval back box new oe centre section k&n panel filter new oil and filter new plugs removed and cleaned throttle bodie and refitted the car is really good to drive it feels well balanced and has a very strong torquey 2.0 16v engine in there, but anyone that knows about this engine knows that it was restricted quite a bit by peugeot themselves mainly by a terrible inlet manifold, crappy exhaust manifold which also rattles like...
Thought i'd sling up some pics and spec of my 306, let me know what you think.. Spec is.. 1.9 XUD turbocharged diesel engine xantia inlet manifold Big front mount intercooler with 2.5" polished alloy pipe 307 136bhp HDI 302mm big brake conversion GTI6 Rear disc axle HDI gearbox Garrett T25 from a saab 9000 Manaual boost controller 11mm bosch pump with govner mod FULL red and black leather seats Ph3 front and back bumper with PH3 Boot some kind of peugeot spoiler, it came on the boot! xsi colour coded side skirts Cd located lower down Boost, oil temp & oil pressure gages in the centre where Cd player usually goes. 17" gloss black challenger alloys 60mm spax front springs on gti6 shocks lowered 70mm rear Straight...
I really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm on my Rhythm fabrication thread. That really shows the passion you guys have for not only your projects underway in your garages but as well as other members' rides. Thanks very much. I had mentioned that I wanted to share a new project vehicle that was in progress. Like the first vehicle build, it's something that both my dad and I are involved with...I wouldn't have it any other way. The Idea Rhythm was in the final stages of assembly and as crazy as it sounds in the back of my mind I found myself already tossing around the idea of creating a second mid-engine vehicle. However, taking into account what had been learned over the course of the building Rhythm, I decided that if and when...
Hi all, I thinking of getting a Vauxhall agila B as a project car. I was wondering what's the biggest engine you could swap into one due to the limited engine sizes. Could for instance you put a 1.4 turbo corsa engine in one???
hi all. thought you might like my project, it,s a mk2 cortina which am am fitting a 3.5 rover v8 with a single t4 turbo. it,s having a custom made chassis which is being lazor cut and all jag running gear. it will run on 20" front wheels and 22"rears and a custom turbo set up running intercooler and charge cooler. :bigsmile: *Hi buddy, you need 10 posts before being allowed to post any photos or URL's, this helps us to deter the spammers. I have made a one off exception here and released your photos - get a few more posts in without pictures off course then the system will allow them through* T9 man Super Moderator.
A few on here are well versed on the mods I’ve done to the old trusty Volvo ie..hybrid turbo,Nissan skyline R33 uprated intercooler,EGR/DPF delete,rebuit fuel pump and injectors,custom stainless exhaust,methanol injection kit and oil catch can breather system..Results...239BHP and 435ftlb of torque....just added a Wizard of nos nitrous kit..
Hi everyone been looking at upgrading our current daily driver 08 plate 308 1.6hdi for a while now, and after coming up with a few options we decided an st180 would fit the bill perfectly. After a good search we took a trip to mansfield yesterday to view a real nice spirit blue with just under 40k, fsh, 12 months mot, hpi clear and completely standard. As with anything i was expecting the car not to be as good as it was in the pictures, needless to say i was wrong and it was just as good. Me and the wife both test drove the car as it will be more for her than me as i use the van all week and most saturdays tbh. We were blown away at just how well it drove and i was actually taken by surprise at just how quick it was as i was not...
My XJS Monaco XKR I actually sold this one and now have this one, which has had the engine pulled, stripped, stroked to a 4.2 and basically everything uprated, just need to get my hands on a Kenne Bell :twisted: This is my engine from my track car, this is an early pic before all the water was done properly and fuel lines I do like to play :D
Hi everyone looking for some advice, having trouble with rear calipers on my mondeo st tdci, put recon ones on a year ago and the hand brake mechanism is starting to stiffen up causing a lot of bother, this is the second set i have fitted, this is a common fault on the mk3 mondeo and i was looking for some advice to see if there was another ford caliper that will sort this problem out. Any advice would be very much appreciated many thanks Caffer.
I saw this at the Midland Game Fair this afternoon, at first I thought it was a Aston Martin Rapide but it's not, then i thought it may be a kit car based on a Nissan (see the Z on the front flank). Now I just don't know! :lol: Can anyone shed some light on this car for me please? :embarrest:
Ok have been a member on here for over 2 years but have yet to post picks of the bora so heres some quick shots taken tonight. will get better ones at the weekend if its decent weather as the cars in severe need of a wash Car Carputer Clicky for thread Custom Sub enclouser
Bought this recently to replace the Vectra Elite estate as badly missed my series 2 TD5 Discovery. Needed an auto as my clutch leg was suffering in traffic due to cellulitus issues in both legs over the years. So got a very happy place to be on the daily commute. No more leg cramps, bad back is now cosseted by the leather armchairs! So it's a Discovery 3 HSE auto with just about every extra going as was owned by a Land Rover Jaguar Director, has heaps of history and bills to prove. Perfect for my three Dalmatians and the 25' caravan. Need to buy a ramp for the dogs as it's a bit high for the lazy buggers! :D
Hi All, We have another little project on the go at the moment.. The current Stagea, which we have had a couple of years is near end of life unfortunately. She has been a fighter, been on a few track days. The Chassis is now too rusty. Sooooo, we have a new one :) We'll transfer the performance parts over, and currently looking at a crazy printed wrap for the car too The 2 together.. MOT Time The new Stagea is a fresh import and a very clean 125,000 kilometres example. Has service stickers over it, and all history from Japan. Zero Rust. Its the Turbo 2.5 litre 24 Valve 6 Cylinder Engine out of the Nissan SKyline R33 GTS-t, and a 4wd System Similar to the R33 GTR Nissan Skyline. Should hopefully be a fun Project over the...
hi everyone just thought i would let you all know i have struck a deal on a really well sorted and solid fiesa rs turbo that i will be collecting later this month :) i will be making a 5 hour round trip to fetch the car from cardiff and i honestly cannot wait for the drive home. the spec is as follows 1.6 cvh fully rebuilt engine with 0.5mm overbore and low comp pistons new oil and water pumps reground crank lightweight flywheel hybrid t25 turbo wit recent rebuild and brand new exhaust housing airtec stage 2 fmic 195 chip stage 4 head piper 285t2 cam beige injectors scorpion exhaust k&n panel filter cossie fuel pump LSD gearbox focus st 330mm brake set up as you can see above its got a nice little spec (8}) i have already made the...
as alot of you know via my other 206 gti project thread me and the wife are having our first child later this year so the 206 just wouldnt of been practical, it was decided we needed something 5 door with a big boot and on my part something i can keep my hand in with modding :) decision was made on a 2001 octavia vrs in black here is the write up of the for sale ad and also a few pics DESCRIPTION Here we have my precious VRS Octavia for sale. I have owned this car since 2004 and it has never wanted for anything. It comes with a fully stamped service book, mainly serviced at Farmers Skoda in Leicester and latterly at a VW/Skoda specialist. I have all receipts and previous MOT's including the original hand book etc.8 Months MOT, The...
its a 1994 2,5 v6 this are pics when i bought it this summer engine already had G cams fitted , then the mods started , bought f28 gearbox mounted with flywheel and clutch from a C20let , mounted headlamps with fog lights mounted sebring back box then there weeks ago- when i bought it engine wasnt in best shape , and when i was maxing it out at 250kmh it started to run like diesel . so it was puled out an totally rebuild ed that was finished yesterday . tomorrow i will drive it back home from a garage and ill post newest pics
Since I first posted about my Toyota a few days ago I know it's been the talk of the forum.Obviously anyone with a mk1 Avensis will understandably be the focus of much envious attention.I'm used to it when I see the drivers of Porsches and M5s stare with such longing at my car,sometimes I truly think I should remove the vvti badges from the wings because it feels like sheer gloating lol. Nah,I do get stares but their usually either in amusements or from people who think I must be driving about thinking I've got the coolest car in town or something.It's an Avensis,a mini cab drivers dream car of the late 90s,early 2000s but for some daft reason it's really grown on me and I woud love to get a 250 bhp motor under there and embarrass all...
Exciting times here at Rvinyl! We just acquired a 2005 BMW 325xi sedan with the purposes of turning it into a show car. Every week we will be featuring the next phase of the project by adding a new accessory, wrap, part, tint and showing you the entire process of preparation, installation and outcome. Look for a ridiculous amount of videos, pics and posts as we literally srtrip this 2005 BMW 325xi down and build her back up again. As I said above, everything we do will be have an accompanying videos which we will post to our YouTube channel and our site. The project is expected to take between 6 months to a year to complete but so far the we have planned the following modifications and upgrades in more or less the order we plan to...
I thought I'd start a project thread, although it won't be the conventional project thread as progress will be slow. So onto the car, it's my daily driver, a 2004 Hyundai Getz Sport 1.6 16v, as found in the UK, possibly elsewhere in the world, some go under the model name of Hyundai Click. The Sport model came fitted with a 1.3 16v and a 1.6 16v engine. The power figures for the 1.6 16v are a mahoosive 104bhp with 105.6 lbs/ft of torque. Trim wise the car came with electric windows, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, a/c and front fog lights as standard. The bodykit was an optional extra. The car came with many receipts for some of the other "extras" it has, such as the window tints, the graphics package and the leather re-trim...
Hi guys. As a couple of you may have noticed in a couple of recent posts that I'm now driving a Mk2 ZS180. Even over all the cars I've had, and the £1000's that have been spent over the years improving the handling, this is by far the best car I've ever driven. I know that may sound daft considering it's an MG, but the boffins at Longbridge really knew what they were doing when they made this car. There is so much that MG changed about the chassis etc from the regular Rover 45/Civic MB. Also the little gismo they made for the inlet manifold by far make the 180bhp in standard form feel a lot fast with a standard 0-60 of 7 seconds and for a big car designed over 13 years ago, is pretty impressive for how little power it has. But it's...
Well, Unfortunately the Calibra is gone :( But on the flip side, i've now gt a family car I'm very happy with and quite surprised I got the deal to be fair. Payed £700 for the Calibra back in October last year, I've run the tax and MOT out and swapped it for this Vectra which was listed for £1500. Plus I got £200 on top as well which I was really surprised to be offered. But at the end of the day, an enthusiast bought it and he said he'll pay what he thinks it's truly worth. So deal done :):):) Any who, shes a 2001 Y reg 2.6 Vectra SRi. Not 100% of the name of the colour yet lol but I really like it. Absolutely mint interior with no mark at all on the half leather. 96,000 miles with only 2 owners before me (last one had it 7 years)...
update on the tiger cub trying to hang onto it as well as the belva but running out of excuses to tell the wife would like to put it back on the road for summer the belva being mid engine does get very hot so i have to take out the side windows to get some air then have to put them back when i leave it bit of a pain
Hi guys! My name is Nick. I've been into hot rods and custom cars since I was a kid. For over 10 years, I've been learning the art of metal shaping starting out with a set of about 9 hammers, some dollies, and a 3/4" rubber mat and things have kinda evolved from there. I'd like to extend my hand in appreciation to all the members who have the same passion for cool cars and enjoy taking the time to share their knowledge and experiences. I was hoping to share a completed project built entirely from scratch out of steel that both my dad and I are quite passionate about. This got me hooked on fabricating. I'll post one photo, if you guys feel it's "too out there"'ll be removed. Thanks very much!
Hey All. I know its not a photo gallery, but good enough: A video of my RS6 chasing down my mates 2013 track-pack GTR on our way to the Nurburgring a few months back. I didn't expect them to be so close to be honest given the TP GTR is 550bhp and lighter than a stock GTR given the carbon front end and absence of the rear seat bench!
First of all I'd just like to say what an epic time I had and were a brilliant bunch, everything was well organized and yet so relaxed at the same time. Everyone was so friendly and willing to chat. Great little technical course and the Focus was spot on, got a few good comments which is always nice. Also met a lad with a redtop Mk1 Corsa who asked for a ride in my car so ended up with a couple of on-board I-phone vids (also passengered in his). The first slew of videos are starting to pop up now, and some photos of which the professional ones should be up at some points this week. Have a look:
Hello everyone. I am originally from Lithuania, but residing now in Denmark where i have my sweet little car detailing shop and well i have just recently become a BMW fan.. Big time! Now a bit of Prologue: So i have been searching for a bmw e30 for 2 weeks. Surprisingly it become a sort of a challenge to even buy one, as here in Denmark every1 started to sweep them like crazy. Somebody puts one for sale, you call a man in the morning and it is allready sold. And that repeated at least 10 times during 2 weeks. Crazy isn't? So somehow a friend of mine stumbled upon a very nice e30 which was a coupe and that's how i ended up owning my first proper car (i had some old Opel astra hatch before which was horrible ). Funny thing is...
Alrite lads so this is the car I am all set to buy its just round the corner from me I have test driven it and got to say its brilliant. Shame its FWD for a scooby was hoping for AWD but I will happily settle so I can brag I have a Scooby! :D for £400 you can't go wrong mechanically brilliant to be on the safe side I am replacing a few bits and changing the Oil and I have to patch up a dink on the rear bumper!
here we go then as promissed in my first post. just a random pic of my mini at home (and no its not me in the pic lol) One at modded uk 06 now the mental bit one of the alloys made from magnesium, super light weight at 2.5kg a wheel now for the spec for us petrol heads ENGINE DRIVECHAIN AND BRAKES Stage 2 : 140-150bhp ================ Applications: Low mileage road and competition use. Straight cut gears are required here Carburetted engine: 140-50bhp, capacity 1380cc. KAD latest spec small valve 16 valve cylinder head with belt assembly, L1 inlet and BD3 exhaust cams, 11.5:1 compression ratio A+ block with four bolt centre main cap, bored and honed 73.5mm flat top Cosworth forged pistons...
Project FTO Hi every one Just fort it Would be time to add a few Pics of my FTO as she stands, Still loads of work to do, List of work done.. New straight through Exhaust, With Custom Back Box, New steering Wheel New chrome Rings on interior New Rear bumper new Bonnet Welding done Chassis Treated Primed and Painted in under seal new discs and pads all round That's it so far, Here's some pics.. *Removed photos as per our T&C's. You need 10 posts before the system will allow you to post any photos or URL's buddy. Have a quick look around the site and get involved in the other members threads, you will hit 10 posts in no time at all.*
Hi its been a while but I thought I would post up the latest addition to my fleet. OK so its not a custom car or supercar etc. but everytime I go out in it I can gaurantee being asked about its history, what its like to drive and generally people lusting after one! des photos
well it started like this basic car.. 15" std alloys,cloth interior, no rear speakers been sat in a stable for a year undriven and cost me £450 , 2 WEEKS LATER the head gasket went, typical but no real bother £300 to sort that out with a metal one, now the car looks like this from the rear. change to rear lights (custom surrounds and fiat coupe lights) quad longlife SS Exhaust, stainless roll hoops interior totally changed Now has red leather seats/door cards/steering wheel/and gear knob, red painted window trim to match, resprayed speedo surround and mk2 centre console, as sprayed graphite grey, blue lockhead dspeedo dials, The airbag blank has been turned into a storage cubby hole made Taken from a MGZR, and I replaced...

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