the old and new

2 years ago when i took her on

2 years later

propelled by:

the new one



Very nice project, thanks for sharing the pics with us. What are your long term plans then as no project is ever really finished ;)
current mods:
rear cusco strut brace
bilstein springs
blitz turbo timer/boost guage
Apex AFC
induction kit
wedssport SA55BBM alloys

tomorrow i am buying a set of brembos from an EVO 8 and next week i will probably order the braided brake lines that i need as the connectors are slightly different between EVO 8 and VR4 on the rear calipers.
i will be having the coilovers inspected to see if they are worth taking from the V6 and putting on the VR4
next on the list is a set of EVO alloys which will be fitted with winter tyres
the front bumper, grille and headlights will be going on from the V6 and possibly the rear bumper with fog lights cut into it.
next on the list is a carbon fibre bonnet and either full respray or full wrap, possibly in gloss black
it has the sport seats and matching doorcards from the V6 already and other interior bits will be tidying up. the roof liner has a tear at the rear, rear interior light housing has a chunk missing, A pillar had a fake boost guage which damaged the plastic cover. fascia was fake wood effect but has been covered with fake carbon fibre which looks terrible as does the hole from the missing ashtray (housing blitz turbo timer/boost guage) and missing sunglasses holder (housing the Apex AFC). the guages will be hidden away and the fascia will be replaced with the intact dark grey one from the V6. the V6 has the same 3 spoke steering wheel as the EVO 6 so that will be replacing the 4 spoke Nardi steering wheel
performance mods will start with a standard air box with sports filter, MBC and eventually bigger intercooler with hard pipe kits top and bottom
AsT9 says, it is certainly aggressive.

Any plans to tie the rest of the car into the front? I ask that as, IMO, it looks front heavy at the moment (unless that is just the photo angles).
next will be the V6 side skirts and get rid of the add on fog light.

apart from the bonnet, everything is OEM. V6 bumper with the fog light surrounds painted blue, orange filter removed from the indicators, EVO 8 brembos painted blue. i wasnt sure about the bonnet with the VR4 bumper but combined with the V6 grille and bumper, the front is totally transformed.
not sure about the number plate surround so that might go but i love the rest of the front end and i am sticking to OEM parts instead of an aftermarket bodykit. there is also a number plate surround on the back but i think the only other touch of blue there will be a simple mitsi logo right at the top of the rear screen where it sits in the shadow of the spoiler
the front number plate surround is being replaced with a colour coded one with thinner edges. that one is just too much blue
i tried the LEDs that only worked on one side of the V6 today and they worked which was a very pleasant surprise. bit of a pain since one fell out as i was fitting the holder and it fell into the headlight but they are only 3 bolts (after the 4th snapped off) to remove.
foglights didnt want to play so it is going in first thing tomorrow so someone with better facilities can change the plugs and splice the wires for me
i spent around 10 hours on friday and saturday cleaning, polishing and waxing. too late for sunset so i got up to catch the sunrise. as you can see from the picture, completely overcast! it didnt clear up all day so all that work for nothing
it took an entire day of jacking cars up and moving alloys. this is the 4th set i tried and the only ones that cleared the brembos without sticking out too far. i have never been one for alloys that dont match the colour of anything else on the car but these are really growing on me. i think some club stickers in white should do the trick. accents in blue, decals in white. the night time shot really won me over.
this will be my car in a couple of days since the VR4 has been off the road for a while. i need a daily driver and my mate bought a celica a few days ago so i saved his V6 galant from being scrapped. i still havent got rid of my old galant estate so i have plenty of spare parts for the MOT which is due in 3 weeks


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