Spotted another TC'er or seen something special? Post it here...


Welcome to the Spotted thread. Have you seen another TC'er or something out of the ordinary that made you stop & stare? If so take a snap & post it here! :D

No web finds please, keep it to real cars on the street, car park, garage, your mates house, out side the pab etc...;)

Here Is my first offering...

Seen outside Halfrauds in Cannock this afternoon. The cars belonged to members of the Cannock & district car club & they were there helping to raise money for the County Air Ambulance.





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Re: The spotted thread.

There is a Mk1 Mexico round here that just about exactly the same as the blue one in your pics. Only difference is the one round here has more stickers.;)
Re: The spotted thread.

i took this a while ago

shame i didnt take any pics of the 2 fully restored rs500's i saw at a meet a couple of weeks ago:sad2:
Re: The spotted thread.

What does everyone else think about a spotted forum? If there is demand for it then I will certainly sort something out. (I will still do a Passat forum Rob!)
Re: The spotted thread.

What does everyone else think about a spotted forum? If there is demand for it then I will certainly sort something out. (I will still do a Passat forum Rob!)

imo i dont think we need a separate forum just sticky this post and maybe change the title beautiful, rare and unusual cars spotted
Re: The spotted thread.

I love that Tiger bus! :bigsmile:

I was sorting out some SD cards & found this, I think saw it in the car park at Shelsley Walsh earlier this year...

Re: The spotted thread.

Double bonus today, I stopped at Warwick services & saw these two beauties. I spoke to the owner of the Aston who was a very nice chap & was only too happy to talk about his car (he was having loads of fun trying to get the power down on the wet greasy roads). I couldn't believe the size of the carbon ceramic brakes each disc was almost as big as the my van's steering wheel!


Re: The spotted thread.

WOW! I hope you told him about TorqueCars then Loz? I've just done an article on the v12 Vantage!
Re: The spotted thread.

i think it looks cool on one or 2 panels like the bonnet, but the whole car done looks strange to me, also can you imagine how hot it would be in summer best hope the air con is durable in them lmao
Re: The spotted thread.

You can upload pics directly to the forum using the Gallery at the top of the page or when typing in the message box, click on the quick upload link under the smileys box.

Another way is to make an acount with photo sharing site like & then up load you pics to there. Next to your pics there will be an IMG code, just copy & paste that onto the text box on here.

If you have any prob's or would like a hand just pm me. :)

Here are some cars that I saw last week...


Seen at the Green Welly Stop, Tyndrum Scotland.


Seen on Skye.
Re: The spotted thread.

Very cool! Didn't Prince (I'm a tree hugger me) Charles bang about in one of those some moons ago? In fact I think he's still got it. :confused:
Re: The spotted thread.

Ok not a car but how about having this in your front garden



nice spitfire sitting in the front garden of a house in moffat, owner was more than happy for me to take pictures of it. he supposed to be a retired Dr who used to pilot these beasts. slightly better than your normal gnomes.
(hes also supposed to have a couple of classic cars as well. also has a hydraulic lift sitting beside the garage )
Re: The spotted thread.

I cannot believe my eyes! A beautiful Spitfire in someone's garden!! You have made my day, thanks a million.
Re: The spotted thread.

Have you any more pictures? Did you meet the owner? sorry for bothering you with so many questions, as an aviation buff I just cannot contain myself.
Re: The spotted thread.

Well, all I can say is "WOW" double cool!!! went to Duxford Aerodrome a couple of months ago, and I heartily recommend that everyone makes some time in their lives to visit this place, as it is truly amazing! even "er indoors" loved it! That is one very very lucky man! :bigsmile:
Re: The spotted thread.

Ok bit more info that Indiaman turned up was that it is a replica however speaking to so others it isnt the actual aircraft that the tail number is but a re built one that was from abroad. he had it shipped back and rebuilt it. would love to see what else he had but dont think he was too keen on being woken up earlyish yesterday morning (ok 10 but for someone whose retired its bount to be early)

not been to duxfrord but ma dad has been said it was a very good day out. done a few of the local areodromes but not duxford. cadets were supposed to be helping rebuild a merlin engine that had been feathered too much and crashed before it being refitted to a spitfire but nothing came of it. might bring it back up see if i can get involved ;)

Loz you can see one of the monkeys in the pic he had all 3 see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil all with lights on to illuminate it unfortunately. what is a front garden without a birdbath and a spitfire ;)
Re: The spotted thread.

There is a very nice full size Spitfire replica at Biggin Hill, it is mounted on a pedestal with undercarriage retracted, P Garner's picture of the Moffat Spitfire is far more appealing with wheels down-in my opinion-
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Re: The spotted thread.

it would be nice to wake up every morning look out your window to see a relic of when britain truly was a great country!! (and hope 1 day we would be able to say great britain with pride again!!)

i did mean to post in here about a decked 1983 austin metro in yellow i saw last tuesday. it was a joy to see him throwing it around the roundabout and had me missing my mg metro:(
i was just wandering if loz knew who he was?? he was coming down the black country route heading towards bilston but turned of by the ambulance station (lunt area)

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