My New MotorbBMW 840I

just thought i would post a few pics of my new motor.


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Cheers for the comment.
Its not too bad to say its a V8, ime getting 17.2 mpg on the computer and thats around town, fitted a replacement K&N Filter and Iridium Plugs so should help a bit. Also its been well serviced through its life.
My Other motor is an Audi Quattro Sport 3ltr V6 and i dont get much more than 19 mpg in that !!!. Although the wife drives that more than me.
It potters around, when doing 50mph its only doing 2000rpm. get it on an open road and put your foot down and when it gets to 3000rpm,Then it just flies. had it up to 130mph with still plenty left. Love it.
Oh snap, thanks for phodies, I absolutely adore these, would own one in a heart beat, great choice buddy, car looks fantastic.

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