My Focus ST - Your Ideas Guys?

Suggestions on styling mods would be helpful :) Interior and exterior :)



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De-badge it, get rid of all the nasty Ford plastic they put everywhere (maybe some carbon fibre instead?) and the OEM wheels refurbed in a darker colour would be my shout to start with.
Cheers guys yes, the plastic is fair tacky, I do like the carbon fibre look though, and I fancy painting calipers orange and yeh either anthracite grey wheels or matt black or the standard black on the newer models if i can find someone interested in a swap for the silver ones! Ive heard you can get carbon fibre and orange steering wheels with ST badges on, but I cant find them anywhere :(
tidy lookin car mate, and i would agree with the carbon wrap, anything plastic on the outside,including the roof spoiler will transform the look of the car, and yeah go for orange brakes too....

smoke your lights too.
Over here in the states, it's becoming more popular to take out the trim and paint it body color. Even I've done it. I like it. Livens up the interior nicely.
My car:

Chevy Cobalt interior with painted trim
Focus ST's are really nice, especially the new one. But I like the seat trim in your model year. And I agree it would be excellent with a body painted interior trim as well, and more boost! ;)

Once I saw some kit with orange silicone hoses etc. in the engine bay, it looks really great ;)
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