chop top mk2

hi all.

thought you might like my project, it,s a mk2 cortina which am am fitting a 3.5 rover v8 with a single t4 turbo.


it,s having a custom made chassis which is being lazor cut and all jag running gear. it will run on 20" front wheels and 22"rears and a custom turbo set up running intercooler and charge cooler.




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Thanks for posting these, they look awesome. You'll have to keep us updated with your progress.
Very nice buddy!! What sort of power you gonna be looking for when finnished?. Thats a fantastic project and on a mk2 cortina :O Gonna keep my eyes on this post .. GL fella.
cheers evodaz,

shes going to have between 200 to 250 at first but i do have two engines. a standard low compression range rover lump which will be used to get it on the road and a rover SDI block which i plan to go a bit mad on.;);)
cheers evodaz,

shes going to have between 200 to 250 at first but i do have two engines. a standard low compression range rover lump which will be used to get it on the road and a rover SDI block which i plan to go a bit mad on.;);)

Yeah the Low compression Lump will hold you back alot in terms of power, but getting it up and running will be stunning, do love my retro motors!! :twisted: again.....very best of luck ;)
nice one,

will have to low compression because of the turbo. to really up the power will have to have a good set of pistons and rods so i can up the boost, hence engine number two.
bit off an update.

got engine and box bolted together with the shortened bellhousing, all seems to fit ok.

also got the holley carb on.this is a pressurized carb which i can run with the turbo.

the frame has been cut now so will get to welding it as soon as. more pics soon.
bit of a\n update for you.
got the main part of the chassis done this week.




rear wheels are 10x22", all seems to fit ok cant wait to get it to the garage this friday and set it on the jig. more soon.
got a bit more done. had the jag diff mounting plates lazor cut.

these mount into slots in the frame.

they will then be tig welded top and bottom.

more over the weekend.
cheers guys,

bit more from the last couple of days.






took a while to get it all set up and welded in but well worth the hassle. got 3 days now to try and get it as far as i can.:bigsmile:
big update for you.front chassis rails tacked on and the front suspension bolted on with the wheels.




even got full lock to lock.

more tomorrow.
Great stuff, is it just my eyes or are those some serious side shafts you got on there. They look very beefy from here or is it because I'm down under lol.
You probably call them drive shafts, I think, you know the shafts that actually connect to the wheels to drive them.
Oh crud I love this thing, that just looks stunning, you been quiet so long I forgot about this build, thanks for posting, please do keep it up.
thanks guys,
got a bit more done, wastegates fitted and the manifolds all tig welded.

and how it looks fitted to the engine.

more soon.
If I were you buddy, I would be giving some serious thought to making the bonnet out of clear Perspex or glass - that engine deserves to be seen at all times ;)
sort of, staying purple but alot darker and some old skhool hot rod flames. if i get it right i think it will look killer.

just sorting the bonnet out and the air intake pipe.

got a couple of other bits, inter cooler and radiator also trying to get some cash together for the roll cage tubing. more soon.
car has progressed a fair bit so much so that it,s being cut of the jig on tuesday night as the frame and the cage have being welded now. so its time to see how it sits. pics on tuesday night.

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