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just came in after paint, 23/11/07 front view use a new rim few months after that, 13" enkei rim. I'll upload more for the interior. hope u guys enjoy this. =))
Here's some photos of the G60 I had a few years back. I would recommend one to anyone. It was amazing to drive. It was running 210bhp with a standard pulley. It sounded amazing with the combo of a stage 4 charger and a supersprint exhaust !! It was a bit unpractical for going up and down the motorway each day though especially being left hand drive. But it was fun !!
Hello to all. This is my ride. Renault clio y. 1997, 1.4 /80 HP;clean bumpers, 8J x 14" Borbet rims, clean look, bad look, lowerd to the ground and so on. :D i look forward to critiques and compliments. have fun
I bought a corrado g60,the previous owner had installed 2.0 16v from 95 golf gti. Now when I'm turning the lights on the abs pump is working and the wires from the connector are getting worm.when i removed the relays the lights were still on. When i turn the ignition on sometimes the headlamps will turn on can somebody help me or dose enywone have wiring diagram for the headlamps so i can find something?
Some photos of my toys :-) I bought the Robin Hood as a way of getting used to rear wheel drive again and to have some fun in a reasonably quick, well handling, motor. 2 litre Pinto, approx 140bhp. The photos of the Elan show it at the 1985 Street Race Championships just before I wrecked the engine and being dug out of the garage prior to the total rebuild presently being undertaken.
this was my accord the 1st time round. it was standard when i got it. i lowered it 40mm, 17"s, self made front bumper and skirts, standard 2.0 16v single cam engine, induction kit and stainless b/box. this is it at the moment; sadly i havent had much time to do any work on this latley, the new spec is bodywork; coupe front and back bumpers modified to fit astra mk3 wide arch kit modifeid to fit fiat bravo indy500 skirts modified to fit impreza afterbbuner led back lights grafter in smoothed boot bi-plane spoiler bumpstrips removed side repeaters removed and placed in spoiler vents in bonnet bee sting areial running gear; rover 620 turbo conversion engine fully stripped bottom end lighten and balance inc...
Re: 1991 Micra/March "Super-Turbo"(Doublecharged) i will put up pics wen i get my 10 posts.... ;) No its his street car, and comes stanard from de factory doublecharged!! Only car ever to be factory produced doublecharged untill 2007 VW released the Golf GT of now known as the TSi Model (turbo supercharged injection) Its extremelly powerfull and an amazin car to drive!!! nice an rare too...... :)
hi everyone, recently i stripped and rebuilt an endura e engine, when i took the cylinder head to minisport uk (padiham) the guy that does the head work said he should leave these in, but alot of people are telling me otherwise, what do you lot recon? cheers
Met one of your guys today at BHP performance show, although I've forgotten your name, sorry. A bit about me I'm 21 and from London and drive a Satin Black Renault Megane, any questions feel free to ask Start of witha practice spray - a wing is good. Build up the paint in layers. I used about 15 spray tins of paint in the end I belive When it comes to removing the bumper it would depend on the car, I discovered that after removing all of mine, I didnt need to but for some cars, you would need to, I removed the bumpers, the bonnet and the front two wings, and then masked up everything else, when I done the car I didn't need to do any paint prep as the paintwork was only 3 years old, so I knew it was in perfect...
Bought March 2007 and gradually modded old skool.;)
Thought I'd put a post up of some of my previous projects
Took this last night while out with mates in Essex.
Well as alot of you know I've spent the last year building a Vectra GSi C20LET turbo. Well, as mentioned she took nearly a year to complete but then got board and have now got something a little better lol. Can't list everything thats done but here is the short version:- full HKS Hipower 3" exhaust system turbo back,5" tailpipe! *decatted, *flamer kit, *uprated suspension, *Recent spark plugs *rear privacy glass *small leather momo style steering wheel,with sti centre and original nardi included *crystal smoked rear lights *crystal front headlights *12” sub and Rockford fosgate amp in boot *Jbl front component speakers *Pioneer 6x9s in rear shelf *smoked side lights *smoked side repeaters *clear indicators *face lift...
Re: heater/cooler You need to 10 posts a few contributions or light hearted spam will do! Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Don't will become a lot easierwith practice...I hope this helps you Kayleigh!
Here we are then guys. This is the journey to my quick Vectra lol. This is the 2.0 16v Calibra Turbo engine for the Vectra that i bought. Well the new engine is in and just waiting for 1 part which should be here tomorrow. The engine went in no problem and turns over with ease. We just need to sort the coil as the older engine hasn't got electronic ingnition. So here's our journey to the stage I am at, at the mo First things first, ROAD TRIP!!! Couple of shots of the new engine So then it was out with the old... Which left the poor Vectra without it's "Hamster in-a Wheel Power" lol
Well... I've got enough posts now. I know people aren't really going to be interested in looking at a stock Fabia. But it's mine and I love it. And it is quite tidy :)
Well when I say new I mean new to me. Just picked it up this weekend Mercedes 300 CE - 24 Coupe Limited Edition Nice little ride, needs some work doing to it but it seemed cheap enough at £2700. Guy said it might be a Carat Duchelet but not sure about proving that but never mind. It will keep me going till I get the Capri finished.
Hi Just signed up I drive a supercharged and nitroused fiat marea weekend, I'll post some picks once I'v done another 9 posts (spam, here i come)
Here are some pics of my 1985 mini. Its island blue and wil have a very havily tuned, and powerfull 998cc engine going in soon; As i bought it;
now with pics a quite quick estate car Just registered so a few details of my car which I think qualifies as unusual Car is a Nissan Stagea - basically a skyline estate. Most have the single turbo RB25 engine with auto box and are quite rare. This however one is one of the even rarer cars with 4wd and the twin turbo GTR engine and manual gearbox . Cant post pics yet (under 10 posts) so a brief spec as I dont want to make my first post an essay Tuned RB26DETT engine dynod at 413 bhp with 340 ftlbs of tourque at 3500 rpm. Nismo body kit and recaro interior, Uprated brakes , suspension and steering .etc. Anyway Im now off to look at the rest of the site. Now have 10 posts so here are some pics
now with pics a quite quick estate car Just registered so a few details of my car which I think qualifies as unusual Car is a Nissan Stagea - basically a skyline estate. Most have the single turbo RB25 engine with auto box and are quite rare. This however one is one of the even rarer cars with 4wd and the twin turbo GTR engine and manual gearbox . Cant post pics yet (under 10 posts) so a brief spec as I dont want to make my first post an essay Tuned RB26DETT engine dynod at 413 bhp with 340 ftlbs of tourque at 3500 rpm. Nismo body kit and recaro interior, Uprated brakes , suspension and steering .etc. Anyway Im now off to look at the rest of the site. Now have 10 posts so here are some pics The rest of...
The old torquecars Gallery is still publicly available see the link at the top to browse the show photos. Here are the instructions on how to post images in any post on this forum. Rules: Cars only, No Girls, No Legs, No Bikinis no skin just things that run on Petrol and that have 2,3 or 4 wheels! To insert a picture. YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF 10 POSTS. Go advanced (This should have the smilies menu on the right) - Click in the message area where you want the photo to appear (if you don't do this the pic will not be inserted in your message). Then - under the smilies in a My Photos box (hopefully) You have 2 options open and quick upload - choose open, select the picture and it will be inserted in the post. If the menu is...
Hi there, Here are acouple of pics of our Suzuki Baleno GTX that I mentioned in my intorduction to the site. Let us know what you think.
OK had to post a few pics of her..... Mazda MX3 V6 1.8 When I got her she was in Siht state, loads of electrical faults and paintwork was in tatters. Lots of damn hard work, T-cut and swearing and I finaly got her perfect. Stil a few more things I want to do but so far so good. Modifications include Fox alloys Cold Air Induction New exhaust system Ice blue headlights Ground Wire Kit Painted calipers Polished cam cover Pioneer ICE
Just got this and ive no money to do any mods right now after paying for it but in time i will do things i really want to do to it. here it is for now.
Ok so hear is my Bad boy car witch i love sooooo much.. like i said in my intro iv not done hardly any thing to him accept break upgrade and a few other bits to the engine (keeping it tip top) Enjoy it as this time next year he will be a DUB Show car.. Mwohahaha ;) P.S Girls who drive Dubs are by far the coolist people (not that im biost lol)
Hi all, managed to get a few photos of my car. Car spec; Peugeot 92 K reg 106 XT Hi comp 106 xsi bottom end with my 106 xt head, Lowered 60mm aprox front and 60mm aprox (2 splines of the torsion bar) rear, toyo proxes tyres front and rear (not sure make of alloys as they come with the car), clifford alarm, fully striped. all comments well come. :D
Mmh, maybe i should post some progress on the car. And what i've been doing, was going to leave it for a while till i had done a lot of stuff, but oh well, ill post it now. Here she is stock standard after i got her: Then i got the badges off Now for the bigger change ;): New alloys :D
Well some of you might have seen my car in the other threads.. Here is a reminder of what it used to look like.. She stayed almost standard for around a year, and then at the French Car Show I decided that I wanted to change a few bits.. Here is how she looks now.. You can see for yourself most of the exterior mods.. The wheels have been refurbed and sprayed a colour which is between gloss black and a graphite colour.. I think this works well becuase in dark conditions it looks black, but they shine amazingly in the light. In these pics you can also see my new 266mm brakes which JUST squeeze under those tiny rims! She has also been lowered on 30mm Eibach springs just to keep the ride...


C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\My Pictures\SXI\IMGP0360.JPG C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\My Pictures\SXI\IMGP0361.JPG both are pictures of the 6'' x 9''s i fitted due to their being 2 great holes in the parcel shelf. i had to make mdf mounts first and then cover it with faux leather, as the holes were too big in some areas.
I painted the interior of my mitsubishi lancer 2004 ... and after that i repainted it with other different colors ... these pictures show the old dashboard the new dashboard i still didnt take pictures of it but its awesome ... I did something totally new and original .... after painting the dash for the 2nd time with extra dark purple and some silver parts ... i changed the interior roof light to a black light from radio shack that works in the car battry and painted using flourescent colors i bought from a paint shop in the dash board lines like the lines u see in any electronic devises so many lines it looks so techno i used flourescent blue and some flourescent yellow ... try it . it doesent affect anything u cant c it except...
Smart BRABUS ForFour 1.5 Litre Turbocharged BRABUS Tuned Engine 207 BHP (Ultramap) 213lb ft of Torque Weighs 1020 KG (Lightened from standard 1090 KG) 0 to 62 MPH = 6.6 secs (Verified on calibrated GPS) HID Headlight Conversion ITG Sports Air Filter Decatted & sports catted
Hello mates, its been long since I last came here, I had an accident, a stove exploded on me and I got projected trough a second floor window, luckily my cordy was parked at the door and I landed on it then hitting the road, I came out of it with quite a colection of broken bones and burns.. So anyway, this is my Seat Cordoba some of you know it already, its an 1.9 SDI engine with low horse power. After te accident the insurance covered it and I put it back to what it was and did a couple of exterior mods, the engine is stock right now. The thing is that this car was a gift from my grandfather who passed away on last Christmas eve, it means a lot for me even tough is not a fast car, its a car Ill never sale or trade or get rid in any...
this is a picture of my baby it is a 1977 firebird running a 454 big block corvette engine pushing out 675hp at the wheels does about 8mpg on a good day and 2mpg if i am racing it it has a th400 auto box and will do a 10sec 1/4 mile
Thread removed. Thread removed.
1988 Renault 9 Here are some pictures of my Renault 9! Now i'm only 17 so it's older than me! In good nick though =] What do you think? =] The only thing I might change are the reg plates. They look a bit old, but my dad says the fact that they have the original dealer's name on each one means something like it shows there's been no major front or rear end damage? I don't know. Either way, I may change them. Oh and also the old stickers in the back window! A job that I keep forgetting about! Yep, there it is =]
But i do still have the Calli so don't worry, I'm not gettin rid of the old gal' just yet lol. Ok then people, here she is. Me and my missus bought it as she was looking for a new car but couldn't afford the whole lot. It's mint, it's got FVSH, it's 6 years old with just under 70,000 on the clock and got it for £1250. It's a 2.0 SRi (2.0 was easier for the missus to insure) and running 154bhp according to it's RR resaults. It has the prefacelift GSi front bumper and not sure what side skirts lol. It came with the 5 spoke GSi wheels but changed them for the OZ Super T GT's from my Calibra. It's had a couple of bits done but nothing which would harm the car in the long run such as K&N panel filter, cold air feed, sensible...
and my old rolla..bird has it now but its still mine.......
hi i like what do you like and not like abut my audi
Hello, I'm Stuart from norf essex and these are my my rides. The minor is in the process of being cut up ready to have the bulkhead and rear floor from the porsche welded in. The Porsche is sitting waiting to be stripped and cut up to donate organs forthe hybrid Minor. The Yank is a 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite 318Cu-in (5211cc) V8 with Edelbrock performer intake manifold and Holley 600cfm secondary vac carburettor. It is also awaiting the fitment of a competition camshaft and 4-branch exhaust manifolds. And yes I know the General Lee was a Dodge charger and I have stickered up the wrong car. The Rover 2200sc is completley standard and original and is staying that way. :wink:
Some nice shots of Jonnis Nissan Sunny 1.6i SR:- All romantic photos with a pretty cool flare effect on the lights How's the car going Jonni? Any problems so far? Have you done any mods to it yet?
This is the only 620si in the world that looks like this (I think) :lol: [b] Gonna be getting my spoiler putting on the car in the next week or so. It in the paint shop but i have come to the conclution that the painter is a lazy tw*t :roll: Anyway after the car is all done am hoping to sell it or just do a swap for a smaller car. Its for my girlfriend she aint used to people looking at her as she drives 20 miles an hour down a 30 road lol, They must think "Go on luv put ya foot down" :lol: Also have a xr2i
Please post pics of your ride here. Keep the file size smaller. If you can't upload your photos to some webspace they may be emailed to :- w e b m a s t e r @ t o r q u e c a r s . c o m (Remove spaces.) Please include a description of work done to your car or planned modifications so we can all compare notes.
My 1.8 16v Corrado soon to be modded :D My 1966 VW 13 Window R/H/Drive Deluxe Splitscreen Camper 1 of only 5 13 Window right hookers in the country of which only 2 are on the road and this is 1 of them :wink: shis my pride and joy :wink: She is lowered,irs'd,running on empi5s,being pushed by a 1600cc motor! now sponsored! ie gave me £1k to paint her up :wink: Rainbow fleck paint goes wappy in the sun :D hopefully see ya around,and look out for me @ the dub shows :wink:

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