My Bora

Ok have been a member on here for over 2 years but have yet to post picks of the bora so heres some quick shots taken tonight. will get better ones at the weekend if its decent weather as the cars in severe need of a wash






Carputer Clicky for thread



Custom Sub enclouser

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Looks good to me PG! 2 years before we get to see the car, is that a new record? I thought I was slow at getting up pictures:)

Whats next on your mods lilst then? The ICE setup is looking good, has it been running ok?
Very nice! Carputer and gauges look proper smart and the exhaust really sets it off. MY mate has a blue diesel one slammed on it's Germanic ass and it looks the tits.
nice car, but the only thing that makes me realise that it has some power is the muffler.

yeah i did look at the discret one, which has the tips turned down as the OEM one, to begin with but decided against it. really the tips aren't that much bigger than the standard V6 ones

Looking good PG. Did you get everything sorted then?
no still need to adjust the exhaust slightly. but otherwise its back to normal

Looks good to me PG! 2 years before we get to see the car, is that a new record? I thought I was slow at getting up pictures:)

Whats next on your mods lilst then? The ICE setup is looking good, has it been running ok?
next up it is a new torque wrench (managed to brake the old one somehow) so i can fit the dog bone bushes - thanks to herb. then its a toss up between the metal sump plate, rear ARB, and a remap but im short on cash as just paid out for the wifes xmas prezzie but still need to book the hotel. all have plus points - more power, best handling mod you can do for the Mk4 chassis, sump protection.

carputer will be getting a new laptop hard disc along with some extras - HORM FBWF. so will still have fast load time even if it does crash rather than have a cold start

Very nice! Carputer and gauges look proper smart and the exhaust really sets it off. MY mate has a blue diesel one slammed on it's Germanic ass and it looks the tits.

Would love to drop it around 40mm but work have installed some major speedbumps (still within the limit) and i just get over them, mudflaps scrap on them. however the wagon drivers and some others that use the road have started to rip them up. now there looking at newer ways ie tarmarc or concrete like the original one. the original one is actually taller but not so aggressive and have no issues at all. also hense the reason for the metal sump guard to protect the paper sump thats fitted to the 1.8t

Thats the shiz, Carputer looks OEM, very tidy

thanks not bad for me having spent ages on it. dont know if i would do it again really unless the next car has some really poor standard equipment

thanks for all the comments guys
yeah there audi tt ronal alloys. trying like buggery to find the VW centres for them but theyre rarer than hens teeth.

not much other than ive put up before. saving hard the now as fancy a change in a year or so
New Brakes are on

it looks like both me and swamppy dont like VWs standard setup for brakes, older members might remember me going on about upgrading them to the larger setup not long after i got the car, i then found out that it already had the larger V6 setup as standard :embarrest:

started doing so research into cheap upgrades last year thinking along the lines of the brembo setup off the leon curpra R but these we going for silly money for the calipers alone -these are the same calipers that are on the ferrari 355 just with smaller pistions

then thought about using the R32 setup these were going pretty cheapish. however the problem comes when you get to the new discs OEM - close to £300 each even a semi decent set seemed to be close to £150 each one. the other issue was the size 334mm does mean that id need new wheels as well as the 17" wouldn't fit over them on top of the weight.

reading up i found that the porsche 996 rear brakes didnt have a handbrake mechanism and could be used as a straight swap on the front (calipers are trailing on the 911 and leading on the bora so no swapping lines over) with just requiring a carrier. this setup allowed me to retain the 312mm V6 discs and actually save weight due to the callipers being monoblock aluminium rather than cast.
there are several companies selling this setup at a rather nice cost of around £1k. spend around a month watching several calliper sets on ebay but there were few off the correct tyre and people were wanting close to £300 for the pair. quick check on turned up a breaking 996 couple of emails later the calipers were on there way to me cost just over £200 by the time i had paid customs the vat. was shocked at how good a condition they were in

gave then a quick trail fit to make sure that they would fit without requiring spacers

Side by side

seeing as i like the sleeper look having Porsche on each calliper was a bit towards the wrong direction. gave them a quick rub down and painted them grey however i must have had dodgy paint as it didnt dry properly, stripped it back and redone them in hammered black.

Ok on with todays work -excuse the photos as forgot to take my camera so had to make do with the phone

Original setup starting to look tired



pads themselves were in quite good condition however

did run into a problem with the screw on one disc not bad seeing as i would guess these were the original discs will need to a replacement up ( i know these arnt actually needed but its a pain as the disc kept slipping off the hub when i was trying to get the wheel back on

all to geather

dics were nitrac cross grooved disc

pads were mintex M1144 pads - was going to go with ds2500 but changed my mind after getting good reviews on these. however they arnt so good on the track without additional cooling
brake lines were braided ones from HEL
and just halfords 5.1 brake fluid - this will probably be left just now. originally i was going to use it to bleed the brakes then do a full bleed including the ABS with requires VCDS (vagcom)

Quick review
. i didnt get as long as i wanted as left the carputer on while i was working on it and sort of killed the battery and the way it was sitting in the drive was too hard to jump start it normally. ended up using some 13amp wire between the two cars and left it 10 mins - no way was i going to try jumping it with that thin a cable.

1st impressions.

pedal is nice and firm.
much better bite and on the heavier braking periods was actually making me slide forward on the seat. waiting until they are full bed in before giving them a full on stomp

only downside ive found is i did away with the wear sensor so now have an error. this will need to be coded out with vagcom once i find the correct setting

not bad for less than half of what the likes of ECS charge for the same kit
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312mm discs and Porsche aluminium calipers. That's what I'm talking about. Quality set-up, nice discs and good pad choice. Stainless steel braided lines to complete?

Calipers not too cheap though but the new-ness obviously reflects that (especially when you know what I payed for my Wilwood dynalites, brackets, bell's and rotors and pads :toung:)

I'd have left Porsche on though :( The calipers are still black and it's not something you'd notice unless you looked for it.
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yup stainless lines that are pvc coated in dark grey.
yeah the callipers come with a price tag i could have went down the diablo route and got the callipers for a whopping £60 the pair - they were used on the larger 7 series. but it was there were no real discs avalible it was a case of rotors from somewhere and customs bells made. both worked out about the same price.
i was happy with the £170ish the callipers cost - just forgot about the VAT when they arrived. especially when the sets over here cheapest ones were £280 plus 40 delivery
could have got away with leaving the porsche on them as its close enough to the wheel and the spokes are wide you would hardly see it
the other reason was the lacquer was chipped on one anyway so would have needed painted. can always stick them on again if i feel like it

could have went down this route if i had been mental

6 pot porsche 911 gt3 rs callipers. this is basically the limit of the Mk4 master cylinder. the picture actually shows the cayenne turbo callipers which are the same size but again have larger pistons which is too much for the MC to cope with. its ok with audi as they run a larger one - cant be swapped easy already checked. following a thread about a blown r32 golf running the rs ones and hes getting close to 3 ton of braking force on the front alone
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Ok been out with it again this morning pads are starting to bed in properly now and much more sharper than yesterday.
the only thing id say is dont use these pads if you do alot of town driving as the squeal quite loudly at low speeds
Cheers guys.
yeah im hoping the squealing quieting down sharpish as the onboard audio on the carputer has been playing up since the battery died so its quite loud inside the cabin
think i might need to get a little bit of wet and dry out and paint the inside of the discs to stop the rusting. was hoping the coating on the disc would have stopped this but doesnt look like it will

on the plus side i have found the new softcoding values for turning off the brake pad warning light
cheers mate.
very happy with the brakes now much better braking - just back in and had an enthusiastic drive back. still dont want to be very hard on them just now
Right thats it i was sick of the squeal every time i was braking under 10mph so the mintex pads are off and the OEM ones back on. marginally not as great braking still 100 times better than the VW setup. and no squeal at all

looking at the mintex they seem very sharp around the edges so planing to chamfer these down slightly and see if that makes a difference
Ok was board on ebay - not always a good deal but ended up with this for £40 by putting in a last minute bid and £5 for the silicone joiner

gotta love peoples descriptions with other ones going for around £80-100 second hand. and the pictures showed quite a few scratches in the gel coat and the stickers all worn and half missing

reason isnt for the power, as there is little gain on these engines from induction kits over a smoothed airbox with larger air intake fitted, but to make it sound a little meater.

sounds a little like a boxer engine from low revs < 2k but sounds nicer up around £3k and pulls just as cleanly up to the red in 4th
Yup took the labels off and gave a polish up, was going to give a coat of resin so it looked cleaner then thought no point its not going to be seen.

sounded very nice to begin with and you can now hear the turbo spool and diverter valve alot better
not at the min as tight for cash lol.
looking at having it remapped this year and maybe the downpipe done as well should see around 220-230 with that done. problem comes with the clutch because its has the larger 240mm one its close to a grand for the OEM one. good thing is its the same as the S3 TT of Curpra R and i think its almost the same as the diesel one so can handle around 300 ftlb .
also looking out for a cheap spring set to drop it around 35-40mm so its still usable along with a rear anti roll bar

still on the hunt for a set of HIDs but going prices for them are around £5-600 for the pair second hand

Knew today was going too well

thought as it was such a nice day i would give the car a proper clean so:
pressure washed it, soaped it, clay bar, pressure washed again, 2bucket soap, quick going over with polish and 2 coats of wax. Looked stunning (will upload pics later if i calm down a little bit)

anywho the lil sis is learning to drive so i jokingly said she could have a quick go in mine. not bad but ended up stalling it that was her lost confidence so told me to take it. glad she did went up round a corner and hit the brakes for the next one and the pedal just hit the ground. limped it home and front wheel was covered in brake fluid.

spring clip that holds the hardline and flexi to the body was missing and the flexi line itself was worn through where it had been rubbing.
Nice scare for the day, currently awaiting to see if i can get a new set of lines by special delivery for wednesday and get some new clips from VW the morn. going to change the other 3 as well now
Phew! Could of been a lot worse that our kid. New brake lines from VW expensive? At least you'll have fresh ones and it's an easy enough job.

Do need some pictures to show all your hard work though!
cant get them from VW but yeah there expensive for the standard ones. need custom ones but theres a guy on most VAG forums who sells them along with refurb callipers, discs etc.

yeah 11 or 12mm spanner is all ill need to do them. just going to put some more fluid in to stop the ABS runnign dry otherwise ill be all bloody day bleeding that.

just glad it did it with me when i wasnt going so hard, did think that the brakes felt a little soft the other day but put it down to it had been sitting for a few days.
clip must have came off in the last few weeks as it was fine when i swapped the pads over last month.

just really glad that it was me driving and not her
I'd get braided hoses if I were you. That was a lucky escape though! Did it wear on the Porsche bits you added or at the other end?
it was braided hoses thats the worst bit

with the clip missing the hard lines moved out by about an inch and a half. the flexi hose must have been rubbing on the tyre looking at it.
very lucky mate!! glad no damage was done to yourselves or the car

just curious where your braided hoses goodridge??
Braided hoses can and do rub through, nothing to do with dodgy hoses in case that's what you're implying :bigsmile: Seen it before several times. One of my mates turbos died from oil starvation due to the oil feed rubbing through last year.
nah the only thing the braid probably do was slow down how quickly it wore through. as i said looking at it the flexi pipe was rubbing along the tyre so it wouldnt have lasted that long anyway

lines were from HEL
loos like im going to have to through on the VW callipers to get me through the net few days until new lines arrive.

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