Body and exterior styling

Body styling and exterior styling mods for your car

We look at the best and hottest cutting edge trends in body styling and car styling. Covering everything from body kits, wide body conversions to the ever popular wheel upgrades.

With practical insider tips and secrets to help you create a show car, we also highlight the pitfalls of some common car body styling mods and how to avoid them.

Car bodykits. Side skirts, sills, bumpers and wide body kits.

Body kits although primarily cosmetic can dramatically alter the appearance of the car and sometimes for the better!

Choose a kit that compliments the lines of the car, it can look very wrong to have a curvacious kit on an angular car or vice versa.

Kits that require spraying must be properly prepared and sprayed or they will start to peel and look shabby – this can add another £300-£1000 to the fitting cost.

Scratch removal

Modern car paints are fairly easy to restore especially when you get the inevitable scratch or imperfection. Our guide details how to remove both deep and light scratches from your car paint.

Cool car photographs

Here are 11 of the best modified car photos from our archives, we hope to bring you some more cool modified cars and inspirational photos in the very near future so check back regularly!

How to create a debadged Grill

The single most obvious feature of a car is the shape of the grill and the badge on it. Simply by removing the badge you anonymise the car giving it a crisp fresh clean look.

We shall now look at the options open to you for debadging your cars grill and see which option will work the best for you.

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