Evo 9

Well thought ild share the pics of my Evo, Running 412bhp/398lbs. New XXR matt black 552 rims coming soon with Carbon side skirt extentions, front splitter, rear vortex... untill then here ya go :amuse:



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beast i love it what mods are on it?

Ta mate.
As it stands its the FQ340 With stage 1 mods = HKS Mushroom induction kit, Welbro uprated fuel pump, De-cat, with a 3 port boost solenoid and a re-map.... seeing it as 412bhp with 398lbs of torque. Lowered 30mm all round on bilsteins, with Tein springs. many more things in the pipeline. ... just recovering from xmas then work on her will commence on her lol. :lol:
As much as I love Scoobies... These are so much better looking!

Btw.. In the second picture, whats the bloke doing to his BMW?
Very nice, don't see many in that colour!

thanks ;) Took me over 3 months to find it mate, had to be blue, low miles, for the right price... oh and box stranded so i can do all the mods and do it properly beleive it or not it took longer to find blue IX up for sale.

and davalav, Yeah for sure ill always have a soft spot for my scoobs, ill dig some pics out of them later and post em up. the guy on the BM was sticking in a new air filter. :) and im from the southend area fella :lol:.

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