The wait is finally over,the time has come......

Since I first posted about my Toyota a few days ago I know it's been the talk of the forum.Obviously anyone with a mk1 Avensis will understandably be the focus of much envious attention.I'm used to it when I see the drivers of Porsches and M5s stare with such longing at my car,sometimes I truly think I should remove the vvti badges from the wings because it feels like sheer gloating lol.

Nah,I do get stares but their usually either in amusements or from people who think I must be driving about thinking I've got the coolest car in town or something.It's an Avensis,a mini cab drivers dream car of the late 90s,early 2000s but for some daft reason it's really grown on me and I woud love to get a 250 bhp motor under there and embarrass all he GTRs and Beamer boys but i've always been of great terms with reality so i would say probably not athough I do intend to modify it more.

Funniest thing a couple of these photos are after fitting coilovers but before setting them up finally but it's the fact these were taken before I painted the mirrors silver that stands out most of all to me now. It's incredible how much the simplist mods are often the ones that really count.

Will take a couple more and post them later.Sorry to put so many in such suspense on Xmas day but try to get your minds off it till I get hem up haha gallery_125565_1759_136413 (1).jpg gallery_125565_1759_136413.jpg gallery_125565_1759_555148.jpg gallery_125565_1759_1109043.jpg

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