Curborough Sprint 25/02/12

First of all I'd just like to say what an epic time I had and were a brilliant bunch, everything was well organized and yet so relaxed at the same time. Everyone was so friendly and willing to chat. Great little technical course and the Focus was spot on, got a few good comments which is always nice.

Also met a lad with a redtop Mk1 Corsa who asked for a ride in my car so ended up with a couple of on-board I-phone vids (also passengered in his).

The first slew of videos are starting to pop up now, and some photos of which the professional ones should be up at some points this week. Have a look:

Adam's redtop Corsa:

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Love it the vids! Did the molehill catch you out? :D

Nah bud, bit of trail-braking be reet :lol: That hairpin up the top is a tricky bugger though, did 15 2-lap runs and must have tackled it different each time :lol::lol:

Looks like you had fun, how many litres of fuel, sets of tyres and brake pads did you use up then?

Front tyres have defiantely had a few hundred road miles scrubbed off them lol. Brake pads are fine, there's only one major braking point braking from around 85-90 (for me). Used less than half a tank including drving there and back.

Oh that was so cool! :bigsmile:

Thanks bud ;)
dont know if many of the lads on here do curborough sprint but saw this post so thought i would just add..or how.much you paid. but if 10 of the members were wanting to go.dont go via a company. javelin etc etc. book direct from the club secretary. just google shenlow and district car club. its 565 quid for the day so 56 each. good little sprint curcuit. and has been said. not too heavy on ya rubber.
sorry for hijacking thread. didnt know if any of you lads knew
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I did Star in the Car there a couple of years ago and somehow had the fastest time of the day. How the heck I did that God knows, but happy memories, still have the dvd. I must be a sad bugger.

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