My R33 GTR

About time I posted some pictures.


Thanks guys, quite std really. Splitfire coilpacks, Tein suspension, Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust, Nismo 400R bodykit and LMGT1 alloys.

I've just bought a GReddy Profec b Spec 2 boost controller, so once fitted will have her re-mapped.
very nice buddy, i was considering the 33GTR before I got my FQ Evo IX.... Prefer the 33s tbh. looks tidy, what will be the BHP after a stage 1?
mine made 415 when it was that spec with balanced greddy induction so around 400 is about right .

mind you that was an age and a rebuild ago
Welcome to the forum!,nice car also nice to see another skyline on the forum,hope the remap goes well!i would highlly recommend Abbey motorsport for the remap etc !!!!.
I have visited your car is really very nice.i also like R33 is super car.R33 is the newer car with newer motor technology and headroom for more power.R33 has a slightly sharper Attessa system and R33 GT-R was better than the old version in almost every way, although it too had put on some weight.
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Hey lovely car mate, looks stunning, make sure everything that happens to it gets posted here, I don't want to miss out on anything.
Thanks for the great comments guys.

Just in the process of painting the dash surround and Center console in high gloss black, so far it's had 7 coats. Also modified it to accept my GReddy boost controller.

Seat belts are being changed to red, to fit in with the series 3 red interior.

I'll get some pictures up when I've finished. :grin:
hmm you have nice car dear.. I love the wite color because its more attractive then other dark color. Thanks for sharing the photos of your drive. But you forgot to share interior photos. Can you please post them. your ride is really awesome.
Great stuff, hope you don't mind if I end up copying you here and there, wanna see the console when you done. Pics Pics Pics keep em coming. I've decided on white and purple myself for now, just to be different.
Great stuff, hope you don't mind if I end up copying you here and there,

No problem, I hope what I've done will help. The only advice I'd give you is really focus on the preparation and rub each coat of paint down before applying the next coat. The fascia and console are now finished and back in the car, the finish feels like glass and the finished result is even better than I ever imagined it would be.

While I had the dash apart I changed the horrible green AC, clock display to red and fitted a red led in the drivers door window switch. Tomorrow I'm fitting a red led in the ignition lock light ring.

But as I've said, when finished I'll get a few pics up.
Stunning can't wait, what do you rub the finish down with? I'll hopefully be able to get started with my little project soon, just waiting on some cash, can't wait though,still gathering some Ideas.
Well, finally finished the dash, pics not to good as taken in garage tonight, but will take some in daylight soon.

Fitted the red led in the ignition light ring.


And a pic of the dash and the GReddy boost controller fitted.


And fitted the seat belts that I had changed to red.

Ooooh yes I'm definately going to copy you, I like that. Thanks for that. I like the red led too, cool idea. It came out really well mate,good job. Where did you get the clock though.
How did I miss this project thread! Awesome work, I'd also be curious to see any updates.
Hi guys, still have the car and yes, I have done some more. Changed the inlet plenum to a polished one and the inter cooler pipe coming from the "twin turbo pipe".
Removed the rear subframe, totally stripped it down and re-painted it, also fitted new Tein coilovers.


Awesome, glad you're still around. You really don't stand still do you.

Do you have anything else planned for the car. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. (What do you think of the new forum?)
New forum's great, easy to use. Taking her off the road for the winter after this weekend, and stripping down, overhauling and painting the front subframe and suspension.
Will remove front bumper and wings and check for any corrosion and Tcut and polish all paintwork.
Been quite a while and been busy with more upgrades, inside I've had most of the interior parts coated in carbon transfer.
A few more gauges plus a Greddy Informeter, red headlining, and smaller Momo wheel. Few upgrades in the engine bay, carbon cooling panel, Apexi airfilters, upgraded steel turbo's, Tomei 260 high lift cams plus adjustable cam wheels.
80mm HPI turbo outlets and Blitz 80mm downpipe to list a few. Currently on order is a Tomei titanium exhaust system and a Link G4 ecu later this year, 400R rear spoiler.
Thanks for sharing, and it's good to hear from you again, you have been busy. The car is looking awesome. You've used your lockdown time wisely!

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