Well when I had the Clio way back when I called her Fifi, as she was French and flighty.

Since then I haven't had a car I've felt like naming until the Merc, so me and Ash decided to name her. She's German though, so options were limited, and neither of us fancied Brunhilde :woot: :lol:

If I ever get an AMG Merc I'll call it Arnold. :D
Teutonic cars don't really do well in the naming department. You've done well here to come up with a plausible one. They [Teutonic cars] are what they are. Characterless is a positive attribute in this case. Characterless and superbly proficient at doing the job they are designed to do. I have a Bosch washing machine. Does it have a name? No. Glad you're enjoying your new appliance!!

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