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Always loved the Cobra, if the Lotto ever comes up it will definitely grace my garage! :bigsmile:
Wow! :blink:
Right o then guys, starting this thread frsh for the Veccy rather than keep posting in the MG thread :) If you've read the reprevious posts from said MG thread, you'll know that i've gona and got myself a right bargain of beast. So to catch up, i have a 1999 Vectra GSi estate which was MSD build number 1575 which turns out according to the MSD register, that it's one of the last few pre-faclift estates which is cool. And heres the pics from previous post = But we have and update aswell (i can't keep my hands off cars lmao) Fitted my air filter form the 2.6 Sri as I just love the sound, took it for quick spin and hasn't affected the running of the car unlike it did when I fitted one to my old 2.5 Calibra before the...
Well i just (well mum did :D) put a deposit down on this Renault Clio 172 Cup only 3k :o get to pick it up in 2-3weeks, just waitin for my contract from work to say they taking me on for good took it out for a test drive and my god its quick not my normal choice for a car as i tend to like longer cars like big hatches saloons or coupes, but i decided to go for something a bit cheaper, and cheaper on insurance, and well more sensible (just for a few years :twisted:) well what you think? gonna mainly concentrate on slight astetic changes, a new induction kit as the one on the car just looks like a cheap ebay buy, and cat back, and at a push a remap, nothing drastic as im planning on buying the house im in in...
So here are some pic's I took when I went out for a drive earlier this evenig. This isn't my car so I won't be doing any work on it allthough I would like to. This isn't the greatest car for tuning but it's reliable and gets me from A to B so it will do untill I can afford something more fun and better for tuning.
Hers my ride tell me what you think CAR MODEL Daewoo Lanos 1998 ENGINE 1.5 A15SMS SOHC, TD04L Turbo running at 7psi, Engine bay painted same colour as the car, Braided hoses, Chrome piping and blue hoses, oil catch can TRANSMISSION standard SUSPENSION king springs and shockes lowered front and back WHEELS 275 limted triple dipped chrome17x7.5 TYRES 205/40/17 BRAKES standard EXTERIOR Newgel Side skirts, gtAutostyle Evo Bonnet scoop and front evo heat bar and badges removed, Clear Altezza side indicators, Colour coded door handles and mirrors, Full Respray in same color blue also added HOLOGRAPHIC SILVER PAINT FLAKES & sparkles INTERIOR black and silver interior sports steering wheel turbo timer,tacho gauges on pillar...
This is the car that has spawned my i think slightly unhealthy love of the Mx5 1998 and Previous, It is a 1.6i Eurons Roadster, I brought it in Australia and this is the car i taught my self to drift and slight around in on the dirt tracks in the country, that should be added to everyones bucket list, Rear wheel drive car on perfectly flat dirt roads. :) Couldnt figure out how to post on here so i have included a link :D
72 Vauxhall Firenza Vauxhall Magnum 2300 st4 Blydenstein Vauxhall HSX Chevette It's 2300 16v twin cam engine, twin 48's and some works bits Calibra V6 Mini 25 (1275GT) I'll post some of my old track cars, too many images for one post!
Range Rover Sport 4.4 V8 :). Collected it on Monday. I miss driving a Land Rover ever since I sold my Freelander Sport (and before anybody pipes up, the Freelander is my girlfriends).
What d'ya think? Didn't half take me ages to get the old foam sticky pads off! Couple of random shots:
Picked up my new runabout the other day, a 56 plate 1.9JTDM Alfa Romeo GT in Lipari Grey with red leather interior. Also has the optional £1500 18" wheel upgrade. Spent 4 hours last night washing, claying, polishing and waxing the exterior. Also cleaned and sealed the wheels. So, here she is! :o I will be modding her slightly but don't want to go too mad. Plans are: Give the Interior and engine bay a good going over. Clean, condition and protect the leather. Remap Possibly FMIC Lower 25mm on Eibach Springs and Koni FSD suspension. Alfa Romeo 4-pot Brembo Calipers and larger discs. Alfa Romeo Tax Disc holder.


hi new on here just got new sri 2.0
because i have a vast amount of pictures, and the fact that i would have to re-size them all here are the links to the albums i have on my facebook profile. so you can all view at your leisure. Let me know what you think, and remember the beast aint quite finished yet, but i am positive i will have him on the road if not complete for the show at Santa pod at the end of july I hope you all enjoy them. I have also put them all there so you can see what the car...
Hi lads, i didn't really know how to put photos up on this forum so i put them up on the gallery if you want to check them out!! :) Click the pic to see the gallery;)
had this just over a year,still got a few mods to do when i get the time and money,
I went to Prescott today to the Midsummer speed fest practice, I'll post pics of that tomorrow ;) However the showstopper for me was this very special Split screen VW. The only original panel is the front one! The whole chassis is custom fabricated... well actually everything is custom fabricated! It's running a 911 engine which I think the guy said it's running about 280bhp. It's sitting on airbag suspension & is built to dragstrip regs, although it's not seen any action yet. Oh & it's road legal. XD All I need is a pot of gold to buy it now. ^.^
Cracking show, the weather went awesome after a bit and was too engrossed in everything that was going on to take loads of pics (hence no pics of the hillclimbing runs or Brooklands motor museum) so I put the camera back in the car after a while. Let's begin with some Integrale madness while the other pics upload.
BRABUS Sports Exhaust System BRABUS by the Seaside! BRABUS Low View BRABUS the Animal BRABUS The Heart! BRABUS 220MPH Speedo BRABUS Topless! BRABUS's Wide Hips! BRABUS 20" Monoblock IV Rims with Contisport Contact 3 BRABUS Embossed Leather Seat BRABUS Enjoying the Beach!
Just a couple of pics of my ride...
Hi Everyone, My name is Shaun and I live in Hull. I drive a 2004 Honda Civic Type R lightly modded heres some pics for you all.... Pics arent very good as they were taken with my phone... Mods so far are... Dastek Unichip, ITG Maxogen Air Intake, Spoon B-Pipe, EBC Grooved Front Discs, Red Stuff Front Pads, Red Calipers, Earthing Kit, Mugen Front Grill, Mugen Rear spoiler, HEKO Racing Wind Deflectors, 30% Tints On 3 Back Windows, H.I.D Headlight Upgrade, Powder Coated OE Wheels With Red Lip, SilvaTec Indicators All Round, L.E.D. Side Lights.. I think thats about it.. Thanks for looking, Shaun.
well sold my 78 trans am last week so as teh garage was empty i bought this today pics are rubbish as they are from my phone
After a very long period of development my Sierra RS Cosworth is almost ready to rumble. The engine was completed in 2008 & its taken some time to develop the rest of the car. I will trundle it around for 6months or so to sort out any bugs before my next & final Topspeed run towards the end of 2010. 215mph in 1.5miles is the Target & we have about 1000bhp to achieve it. Only 2 road cars have ever cracked 215 in that distance in the UK so its a big ask, so wish me luck. Theres a vid below showing a test run at 900bhp & 187mph in just over 1/2 mile its scary. (Turn the volume up its a must)
I have recently purchased a street blaster 150i from the WON! what other mods do you reckon I would need to make before I fit the kit?? I would reckon brakes, clutch?? But then again if I get a progressive controller surely the amount of clutch-slip will be very minimal. what do you guys think??
hi everybody, it was nice to get a message from the moderator Wayne who wondered where I was since no one heard from me in a long while. It is nice to be missed. So here I am, been busy building my 88 Jaguar XJS, some modifications and alot of new parts. Sounds like a mean machine now with straight pipes. I'll post some more pics.
While driving home from work today I stopped at a set of traffic lights, ahead of me was about 10 or so cars. When the lights changed we pulled away, about 300 yards further ahead lying in the road was a broken lump of farm equipment, a 4 foot bar of steel that looked like the Jolly Green Giant's nit comb. If you hit it, it would really have spoilt your day. What surprised me was that no one stopped to move it they just drove round it. It took me about a minute out of my journey to find a safe place to pull over & move the nit comb out of harm. This isn't the first time it's happened to me either, what I don't understand is why people are happy to drive around, leave hazards in the road & carry on driving? :confused:
well bought this the other day to use over the winter so i dont have to use the landrover all the time due to its getting to the stage its breaking all the time is a audi a4 1.8 drives really well think i might keep this one for a while
I keep mentioning Bod, my old Smart. So I thought I'd put some pic's up of it, sadly I've lost the folder with the photo's, I think I left it on my old lap top. :( So I've had to search for some on the net & here they are. The Specs: Newly built engine raised from 600cc to 700cc Custom Re-map by RedDot racing. Brabus Cam & Clutch Larger Roadster turbo (still a wee little turbo :lol:) Janspeed polished ally intercooler pipes Brabus TIK pipe K&N induction kit Custom made Stainless Steel 'Stealth' exhaust with sports cat Bilstein Streetline springs & dampers RedDot Racing Brake pads & Discs Roadster deep dish steel wheels (a second pair of rears were going to go on the front to improve the track width before the car died) Rear panels...
Finally moved on from polo's and given this a try. What do you think. Good or bad? Also I have been told they are known to go through headgaskets so I am going to replace that asap. It is 2000 reg with 52,000 miles on the clock. The whole car is mint except from one small dent on the right rear arch which im probably going to get a body shop to repair it. But for now I am going to leave the car as is.
Here's the Volvo. It's my first car (I'm 30 now, had it for 3 years, late starter!) Modding it started off as just a Remap to perk it up a bit and grew from there... Runs 228bhp at the wheels 5000-6000, and 275lb-ft Torque at the wheels at 2500rpm on 97Ron 1/4 mile at 100mph terminal dead - There are quicker cars around, but you really have to experience the flexibility and mid-range of a tuned T5 to believe it. It's a torquey quick car out on the road during in real world conditions. Timed at 30-70=5.4, 50-70=3.0 - IPD Rear RollBar - Eibach Springs - Geometry Kit - Bell FMIC - BSR Downpipe, sports cat and SS exhaust - BRS Stage 3 remap - K & N Air Intake - Vibra Technics Gearbox Mount - Braided Brake Lines with...
Thanks to my mother and wifes big mouths i got asked to go over my mums bosses car. No full pics of the car at the start but it didnt look to bad and had a decent shine to it. yeah me thinks :blink: Car was hosed down then 2 bucket cleaned Car felt pretty clean and smooth. as i had a little bit of clay handy i rub it over the bonnet. came back very dirty. so the whole car was treated with Megs clay using quick detailer as a lube Nice and Clean Drivers door alone The car was washed again quickly then towel dried Then onto inspection - only took pics of the bonnet as the sun was nice and bright So on with the polishing Megs #83 on a LC green pad - Heavy polishing - and set to...
Offerred to polish up a mates severly oxidised red Corsa (don't know what was worse, driving a Vauxhall or that it has winy windows!!!!!). Two passes with G3 and will go over the whole thing with a pass of Megs 83/80 (I forget which one is the lighter one). From this: To this: I managed to do the bumper, bonnet, wing mirror, and door before it got dark. You can see where I stopped polishing towards the back lol. What you reckon? Coming up nice so far no?
Hey All. Finally making the jump over to the Audi side, with this 2006 37'000 mile Audi RS4 (B7) Saloon. Having had the W8 for yonks, the dim-witted Haldex system on the R36 irritated me from day one. The more I drive it, the more it annoys me. Also, while the R36 is quick, I fancy even more POWER! Problem is, I keep the W8 too and have to tax/insure/maintain it to quench my thirst for a big noisy 8 cylinder engine. The R36's VR6 is somewhat mute and just drones with anything but a stock exhaust on it. The RS4 has more power, has the torsen permanent 4wd I like (rear bias on the Audi actually, as opposed to 50/50 on the W8) and produces an epic exhaust note. It's both cars in one - plus some :lol: .. and naturally I...
Hi guys. Well what mad 3 months it has been. Loads of stuff going on it's been crazy lol. But in the short run of things:- 1:- redecorated the house. :amuse: 2:- redecorated my mothers place for her :amazed: 3:- 3rd of July was mother b-day = 2 and half cases of carling and went 28hrs straight and took a week to recover. :confused: 4:- major service done on the Calibra. :cheesy: 5:- find out i'm going to be a Dad again and is due 17th of Feb. :D 6:- need a 4 or 5 door car to cater for 2 children so Cally had to go :sad2: 7:- find new car which i'm gettin on Tuesday next week that is another absolute gem of a bargain. :cool: As those that read my 3.0 Calibra thread, you will remember how much of a...
Right, as i've now had a chance to get christmas out of the way i'm now starting my modding up again on the Calibra so thought i'd get a thread together as this will be an ongoing thing. As a few of you know she already has a shed load done to engine to get it up to 237.2bhp Which isn't bad at all considering its normally asperated and theres loads of room left for improvement. But in the size car it is, a 0-60 of 5.54 seconds isn't bad at all. I bought the car from 200 miles away from where I live as I knew there was something special about this old gal. From the advert I already knew it had a 3.0 engine conversion from Courtenay Sport, plus a few other bits and since i've had it have done roughly about £2000 worth of work to...
hey, i love the split bonnet look. does it have to be a diy job or can you buy them? i have a vw bora... has anyone bought one?
Remember kids, you're meant to stop at side roads. A gentleman in a van forgot this minor little point, leaving the '6 feeling a bit, well, dead. Anyways, his insurance coughed up the money straight off so after a short period of mourning, I'm now mobile again and I've turned to the Dark Side... I've gone Diesel!!!
Here's a few pictures before it gets dirty. Car cleaning is not my strong point. It's in absolutely incredible condition. Someone has cherished this car. And now it belongs to me :embarrest:. Which means it'll be serviced hard and looked after but it'll probably never be this clean again.
My S2000. Pics 13/8/09 Here it is, my Indy yellow pearl Honda S2000 Got some pics while I was out today. Car is totally standard now but I have a K&N Gen II FIPK induction kit for it. just not fitted yet. Also iv just ordered a chargespeed vented bonnet from japan and have just ordered these in 17's: Suposed to sit a bit wider on the car and make it look mean once lowered :twisted: Comments???
Few Pics from the Moffat Classic car rally
As requested some more pics of the beastie, I've got some more somewhere but annoyingly I can't find them! Here's what I can find... Some pics & some videos... Enjoy, Loz. :bigsmile:
Does anyone in Aussie know where you can get one? 2000 Baleno Hatch.Only ones I have seen are from Sydney Special Vehicles for like $500. Bit exy and maybe someone knows of a spoiler from another car that can be made to fit.
About 4 weeks ago when I was rebuilding our garden, I found a semi good size wolf-spider (The big-ass ones you find in the bath that run around like Rooney in the Prem lmao!) Any way, I thought i'd move him out of the way so I didn't kill it. I put it in a whole on an old victorian wall we have running down the side of the garden. I then fitted a sheet of trellis to the wall a day or 2 later and noticed he built himself a really nice home. So every time i found a daddy-long legs or beetle or fly or whatever, i through it in the web. Well yesterday was the first time I had seen it in 4 weeks and bloody hell.... It's by far the biggest spider in the wild i've seen in this country. I obviously could get the measure on him lol, but...
nice classic 3.8 '65 jag
I thought I would post up pictures of my 1997 Saab 900. So far its mostly stock but I have a good list of mods planned, it keeps changing as time goes on but I think i have finally decided on a few for sure. I have owned this car for nearly a year now, and have taken good care of it, fixing a few things here and there, but now I think its time for the mods. Few Rust spots on the tip of the bonnet, getting fixed with rest of rust. Rust on the rear wheel well on both sides, getting patched and painted within the next month. You can see the rear panel under the passenger light is black instead of the green, thats from when I was rear ended by a jeep and found a replacement part, it will be painted when the rust spots are...
Took these few with my D-SLR, thought them came out well :)
shes getting there. had it for a year and a half so far and neen slowly been working it, so far its got gcg high flow turbo (gt35 compressor) x force 3"turbo back exhaust apexi power fc hks evcs (boost controller) exeedy hd clutch blitz/greedy front mount intercooler blitz boost gauge 19" renegade rims k@n podfilter splitfire coil packs turbo smart bov darkest legal tint jensen dvd player fusion 12" sub and amp think thats all of it, next thing is fuel system and a more aggresive tune. as is it has made 308bhp @ 13 psi (that should soon be going up to 17 psi). hope you like it as much as i do.:bigsmile:
I took these a little while ago after giving it a quick clean. Since the photos I have changed the kidney grills at the front for some polished ones. My only real plans are to get some 17s for it, sort out some scratches and freshen it up a little bit. I don't want to do too much until I know what's going on with my insurance claim (on the Civic).
love ur site ,here is a pic of me my tractor fiesta 1.6 tdci, not much but lite on fuel:embarrest:
I took a bit of video at the BHP performacne car show nad have edited it to 10 minutes (down from 30) to show the highlights and best bits of the show. Enjoy! Oh and if you have a youtube account be sure to favourite it for me! And feel free to pass the link on to your friends and on other sites (twitfacespaceforums)
Had a little play with one of the shots of the Calibra today to see what colour wheels are going to look best and i'm seriously not too sure as they both look really good. The wheels I want are from a Vectra GSi pre-facelift (Mk1 Vectar GSi) So first off heres the original shot:- And here are the 2 possible colour ways:- White. Satin Black with laquor over the top. What do you reckon I should go for then peeps?
Here's some pics of my gto tt , Its slowly getting to the condition that i want , So far its had the old cloth on the seats removed and replaced with leatherette , full 3" custom made exhaust , old electric shocks and springs changed to avo chassis dynamic springs and kyb adjustable shocks , goodridge brake hoses and rossini drilled and grooved discs , front and rear strut braces and a wee bit of engine polishing , oh and of course a turbo upgrade from the old 9bs to 13t , plus 19" alloys . I just need some piping to install my fmic and wire in the avc-r boost guage .. John
Some pics of my car after a day of washing and polishing.
this is my coupe ,few more bits to do,i know its not to everyones taste,:D more pics to follow
Hey All. Took the new-look wrapped 'ssat to GTi Spring Festival 2010 and couldn't resist a few 1/4 mile passes: > > My best of the day was a 13.219 sec I *know* I could have got into the 13.1's if only I was carrying less fuel. Had just over a 1/3 of a tank. Royally messed up my calculations as to how much fuel I would need to get there this morning. Couple of photos from the official track photographer:
Ok so here we go ford fiesta st start its life off as a normal day to day car then someone bright idea the other halfs to change the hell out of it lol hmmmm!! Good idea or not we find out one day! So this is how this little fez started Plain jane. Then the 8.5mm magneco leads are fitted along with the K&N induction kit and piper cat back and also lowered on eibachs and the front and rear strut braces are put in and the new rs7 put on her and then the mongoose flexi pipe. Upgraded breaks, Greenstuff pads and Bonnet raisers. She went off for some graphics to be done. And then bang engine blew up piston straight through the engine and after being stuck on the M25 with not a happy other half as for once I was not driving lol! we got...
I got bored and had a play with photoshop... Got bored, so had a play with photo-shop...
Took the beasty a little ride out this morning to see if i could clear her lungs a bit after the ecu hadn't been connected for a while hehe (or never since the turbo went in lol). Well i set off with it running the same as it was but marginally better with not much boost but better revving. Then just after i started to record this vid she let loose, free'd everything up and shot into over boost like there was no tomorrow lmao. You will see when i floor it in 2nd what happens next, put it this way, she was spinning in 5th gear :blink: Ok, please forgive the un-steadyness as i had to tape the phone to my hand so I could drive safely ;) Here goes:-...
Hey All. Finally got a video of the W8 with Magnaflows on :) Unfortunately it was taken on the iPhone - its also got a nice deep crackle and pop that the phone just didn't pick up on... but you get the idea! Was being rev'd to ~ 4500rpm of 6200rpm redline.
Hey guys, thought I would post up some pics of the Mondeo. Just washed it and gave it its first polish in a while. Think it came up ok. Things to do: Lower (you wouldnt think it was sitting on 18's on sports suspension) Refurb wheels And then possibly a remap Who said standard radios were rubbish? well i did actually but i stand corrected...
Saw this very straight 70's Oldsmobile Cutlass (I think :confused:) in my local carpark, the naff phone pics don't do the car justice. The matt black paint works really well with the chrome & the 442 decals on the flanks & rear. The Pseudo rivets aren't quite my cup of tea but then if we liked the same thing it would get very boring very quick! Aside from that the car looked just great! :bigsmile:
Just been out in this badboy about an hour ago and honestly I still haven't stopped grinning. THIS. IS. UNREAL. A mates but his uncle built it and sold it straight to him. From what I can remember... Full ST170 Conversion R6 Bike Carbs Omex ECU RS200 Close-ratio 4-speed box (110mph max! But my god is it frantic through the gears) G-max shocks and springs (cheap crap, too soft, need changing) Front strut brace Mini-lite alloys Heaters removed 216bhp and I forget the torque. Weight about 880kgs IIRC. And now the bit you've all been waiting for.... Still badged as a 1.6 ghia :lol: The sounds is just unbelievable and it's bloody quick, no traction whatsoever in first or second just spins up one rear wheel LSD is on...
well here are a few pics of the mr2 (both of the ones i have owned) theres a few i will add more up soon

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