nitrous oxide on a clio 197

I have recently purchased a street blaster 150i from the WON! what other mods do you reckon I would need to make before I fit the kit??

I would reckon brakes, clutch??

But then again if I get a progressive controller surely the amount of clutch-slip will be very minimal.

what do you guys think??
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Nah the brakes are good as is on a 197, a squirt of temporary power won't matter.

Clutch...I don't know what torques the 197 clutches can take standard, depends what nitrous jet you use? But then, you'll be wanting to start with a 25bhp jet anyway and probably stick with that. If it slips a progressive controller can and will help massively and tbh if you can afford one you should be getting one anyway, it will save you nitrous and give better results. Looking at nearly around £400 for the controller I had though!

The one thing you definately 100% need is a wideband AFR sensor and gauge.
ive been on the 'rspec' website and there is a wideband air to fuel ratio guage with fitting instructions for £179.00

does that sound about right, and can i fit that first and it still function properly after the nitrous is added??

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Yes it will do,

it there to monitor your air fuel ratio to make sure your engine isn't running lean while using the nitrous(be issue for petrol engines less so for diesel users with nitrous) and also if it's running as it should in the first place, chances are your car is fine if it's been well maintained but sometimes you just can't pick up on slight irregularitys, it's just for piece of mind
received the AFR sensor and guage this morning.

i can honestly say that i will never be able to fit it!

i stupidly thought that when it said 'plug and play' it would be that simple.......mmmmm nope lol.

what do you guys think?

i mean you have to weld the retaining bolt that the sensor will be housed in into the exhaust pipe, fit the guage into the cockpit of the car, wire up the electrics to the cars electrical system (i would not have the foggiest where to start with that one!!)

so im a little worried to be honest

who do i get to fit it? a mechanic? could they do it?

Best to consult a garage yes but one you trust and use, if you use a Renault Specialist then they can do it for you if you use a Renault main dealer then they won't touch it,

If you have no idea what you're doing then don't attempt to do it,
The only thing you might not be be able to do is weld the boss onto the exhaust. Once that's welded on all you need to do it screw in the wideband lambda sensor, wire it to the gauge, get power from an ignition live and illumination, calibrate the gauge and you're ready to go.

If you'd have asked I'd have recommended either the Innovate LC-1 or AEM LEGO or whatever it is lol.
MA i am totally auto-electrically illiterate! getting power from an ignition live and a illumination would be like asking me to run faster than usain bolt with my shoelaces tied together honestly lol!!

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