fiesta st project rocking and rolling(well sort of getting there)

Ok so here we go ford fiesta st start its life off as a normal day to day car then someone bright idea the other halfs to change the hell out of it lol hmmmm!! Good idea or not we find out one day! So this is how this little fez started Plain jane.

Then the 8.5mm magneco leads are fitted along with the K&N induction kit and piper cat back and also lowered on eibachs and the front and rear strut braces are put in and the new rs7 put on her and then the mongoose flexi pipe. Upgraded breaks, Greenstuff pads and Bonnet raisers.
She went off for some graphics to be done.

And then bang engine blew up piston straight through the engine and after being stuck on the M25 with not a happy other half as for once I was not driving lol! we got towed home car went off the road for nearly 5 month which the focus st then took over while work started to be done on the fiesta so the graphics were all stripped and plans for her started to take shape we stripped her out! And plans are started to be made! Slammed a new engine in her not the one we wanted but that can be the next plan just needed to get back on the road asap!

Then more stripping went on and the new 4-1 miltek manifold followed by piper de-car followed by piper catback (full system) and new alloys
17" pro race 3 dynamics motor sports alloys Toyo proxes T1R tyres

Old flexi and manifold

New Miltek Manifold




Next things well we see and keep you up dated it changes every week on what’s going on and some nice plans are being arrange.
The new graphics job will be in place within the next month fingers cross and a cage. then engine well there are a few ideas on what to do but picking which one to go for not quite so easy!!
I know she not much at the moment but it is getting there defo not ready for track days this year far from it
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Thanks it does need some serious work doing to it now but it will get there lol!
there a few bits and bobs in the pipline we thinking either a turbo or a supercharge or maybe something very different..

its a great little project having so much fun doing this!!
I know that, not a fan of bike conversions myself. I'm just trying to second guess Lillady. :bigsmile:

Maybe it's going to be a big ST engine inna little ST:amuse:
Sorry not been on here for a while

Thanks for the comments.

96AccordCoupe - I have a few ideas with the exhuast but nothing set in stone yet :)

Waynee - Thanks for the comment it is now back on the road but not doing many miles have a few more plans comming :)

DrifterST190 - trail and error with cars
After a clean the plate is not normally in window!

pic of the new wheels been on for a while just not uploaded the pic!
17" pro race 3 dynamics motor sports alloys Toyo proxes T1R tyres

comps are next but with moving out they had to wait lol so i went for the next best thing!

but there defo on the xmas list :)

Thank you for the comments!
Nice car. Definatly prefer the white wheels. Suits the colour of the car. Everytime I see these i just keep thinking "Coswroth engine" lol. Not sure if you saw it but i'm friends with the lad who had the Batman Fiesta feature in Performance Ford a few months back. Had the engine swapped with the Focus ST3 engine, then had Cosworth internals and a very high price, then ripped the turbo off and stuck a supercharger on a got somehwere in the region of 360bhp :)
Thanks for the comments i did um and er about these wheels untill i saw them on the car i was not to keen lol!!!

O my god really thats sounds amazing, i mean we have a few ideas and a few plans i have spoken to a few companies so we shall just see.

Friends car sounds amazing i have not seen it but give me a point int he right direction would love to have a read up about it thanks

speak to Mtech automotive in Wiltshire. he is a ford specialist. would fit a set of throttle bodies on yours no problem... that would make it bark
It was Fast ford or Performance Ford that the car was in. It's titled something to do with Batman as thats what he caled the car lol.

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