Short Vid of My vEctra Turbo in action!!!

Took the beasty a little ride out this morning to see if i could clear her lungs a bit after the ecu hadn't been connected for a while hehe (or never since the turbo went in lol). Well i set off with it running the same as it was but marginally better with not much boost but better revving. Then just after i started to record this vid she let loose, free'd everything up and shot into over boost like there was no tomorrow lmao. You will see when i floor it in 2nd what happens next, put it this way, she was spinning in 5th gear :blink:

Ok, please forgive the un-steadyness as i had to tape the phone to my hand so I could drive safely ;)

Here goes:-

Considering there are a couple of little bit's here and there still to do, she is definatly running a bit btter. lmao. So what do you reckon then peeps lol.

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