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Thought I would get a few last minute pictures up before the snow came again. Apologies for the poor cleanliness of the car in general but it was bloody freezing and weather was forecast for snow so took them quickly :)
I've just found some photos of my crx, so i thought i'd share. And with new 17" alloys
me and my son decided to project this convertable
O'right all. Had a little meet on the 11th of November with a load of mates, who mostly own Jap cars for a fast run of Snake's Pass and a hearty pub meal. Good enough range of car to hopefully give the recently quiet forum some discussion points!!! Pics collated from different sources so don't hate. I will say the low sun and lighting made it very difficult to take pictures :beer::beer:
I bought the car in 2002 for £250 and have since spent an ever increasing amount of money on it, a year ago I decided to bite the bullet and as I had made a few contacts and friends in the right circles I booked it in for an engine rebuild but as things went on we found more and more things causing problems (rust mainly) and it turned into a bit of a nightmare. I really have a thing for classic motors so I pushed on and volunteered my services after work and at the weekends. It has been a long road but things are starting to come good and I am hoping to have it all finished for the show at the end of June. Unfortunately I cannot afford a respray and all the work besides so please excuse the mismatching panels. It did look quite good...
OK, here is my attempt at Supercharging a Stock Australian Ford Falcon BA 4.0. The only things I didn't have to change was the intake manifold & Blower. Originally it came as a one-off Kit (but it was only half finished & didn't fit). So, everything bar the intake manifold/runners had to be re-designed & remade or re-machined. It cost me a Bloody fortune (at least twice as much as the original planed outlay).
hi im new to this forum heres my ibiza cupra 1.8 turbo :) stage 2 remap lots and lots of mods its about 230bhp got lots of plans for this car :)
hi all i want to put these upgrades on my focus ST500 but dont know if they will be ok ...any commenst or suggestions would be a great help K&N Filter de cat pipe RS intercooler RS downpipe Thanks Rick
Hi, I'm considering getting my 650 remapped but does anyone know or have personal experience of a remap on a petrol engine to say whether it makes it thirstier or not ?
Ok, first impressions . . Very nice :) not built quite as well as the beemer but overall not bad. The engine (136bhp Diesel) is very responsive and the handling is very impressive. Interior is nice and solid, seats are very comfortable. Anyway, the photos . . . It looks very aggressive here !! :amazed: not bad from side . . . not sure from the back . . but I like the interior !!
heres my old nitros-powered, 180mph, 598bhp, 3.0mpg, pontiac firebird, pent over £23,000 to make it go/stop and handle.:evil::evil::cool:
Anybody know of a top notch mobile valet service in the Glasgow/Lanarkshire (Bellshill) area?
Decided to get a few decent shots of the Focus in the bank, couldn't really think of a good location so made the best of what I had! Comments welcome :D
my old track wrx , running 300 ish on trailer of to track day type r version 6 running 365 me old uk turbo , loved this car to bits should never of got rid
Hi guys. Well thought I'd get a bit of thread together rather than me keep updating my Hello thread. Well as some of you know, I have a lovely JDM Impreza which I bought a couple of months ago and the bug has got me already and things have started to happen already. This is the spec when I bought the car... Engine: 2.0 Flat Four VF28 Turbo Simota Panel Filter NGK PFR6B Spark Plugs Miratec Silicone leads Castrol Edge Sport 10W 60 Oil Varta Battery Open mouth stainless decat downpipe (not fitted but included) Racebox Full stainless exhaust system Walbro 255L fuel pump Uprated injectors Remapped. Gearbox: Exedy Clutch Graham Goode short shift Valvoline Gear oil Suspension: STI Shocks Tein S Tech Springs Front...
check out our new 'velle :) this is how we bought it apart from lowering it 50mm (wow it was high !!) inside is lovely plans are : swivel front seats, table, stereo, side bars, better alloys and maybe 150bhp injectors and a remap :D
My car - Tiger Cub. Bought it some time ago - it had a standard 2 litre Pinto which I took out and replaced with a tuned 2 litre Pinto. Purchased from a reliable source the engine has been in about a year now. Very quick off the mark - right up my street. Haven't done a lot to it apart from buying some wheels and respraying them myself. I absolutely love the car BUT it now it has a rival in the shape of a Raffo Belva 2 litre Zetec. Cost me an arm and a leg - had to part exchange the wife to get it but unfortunately I can't keep both cars however much I'd like to so the Tiger Cub will very soon be up for sale. Will post photos of the new car as soon as I get my greasy mitts on it. Been lurking around the site for some time but now have...
Hey chaps been looking through some old photos i dug out from the attic found some right gems. My old mans Triumph 2000 CC car it was his pride and joy was member of the car club and everything he changed the paint from original brown to a metallic blue. Does anyone have any images they remember growin up around a certain car? I used to specifically Remember the car having a Overdrive button on it haha
Ok so my mate has finally got the pics up, three of us sharing one camera. Nearly all of the rolling shots up to camp setup are taken by me, along with a few others. The stupid lad ones are on Facebook AN' ALL THAT! The Baron JDM TME & Trophey Early start! Obligatory Dover shot
Hey, only just joined up to the site, ive got a VW polo but since looking at all the posibilities im looking into buying a MK3 Golf TDI to start my project. Just curious as to any pointers and tips anyone could give me as this will be my first project and would rather avoid newbie mistakes if possible :P Any comments will be appreciated
So this is my toyota starlet from 1996 with a 4efte conversion with megasquirt ECU, TD40 turbo running 0.7 bar and 174 hp. :) Firstly pictures with new wheels mounted And one with the old wheels.. The car has been modified so you can't see it's got a turbo engine mounted, even when you open the bonnet the original air filter is still in it's place, but with black pipes from the FMIC mounted behind the original air filter so you will have to go close up before you can see it's turbocharged. And the rear muffler kind of looks like the standard one, just a little larger and makes a great noise, not too loud either :) will post pictures tomorrow of the engine bay if people are interested :) Pics of machine ;)
Just discovered this great forum, so I'll be looking for ideas to make my BMW 325xi more fun to drive. It's a 5 speed with all wheel drive, so the first order of business is to change all the fluids. I'm trying to find commercial equivalents to proprietary BMW fluids. I'm inclined to believe that high quality synthetic 75W90 gear oil can go in the trans, differentials and the transfer case. My goal is to make this car last for a long time! Cheers!
A picture of a white Vauxhall all over the index page of the forums? Quite nice for a Vauxhall isn't it :lol:
About time it was updated, so here's a few. and a mod waiting to be fitted.................
Hi guy's, I have a 306 1.8 16v petrol meridian and am interested in putting a turbo on it or maybe a supercharger. i have no idea how to do either of these but i know i have the space under the bonnet. At the moment its pushing out 120bhp with its induction kit fitted. Any suggestions? Regards Joe
Hi i want to develop my Daihatsu Charade G 10 engine as a racing machine can you explain how do i do that thanks almost i done below mentioned things 1 larger inlet ports 2 large exhaust ports 3 decreased compression volume 4 replaced hi lift camshaft 5 reduced flywheel by 600 G :lol: :P
Hello Dear friends I have replaced hi lift camshaft in my Charade G 10 car it is a CB engine when i do that i don't have a adjustable timing wheel so what i did was i advanced 1 tooth from camshaft wheel and timed the engine i think it is look like OK it has power and hi RPM please send me your value advises Thank you yours Manel
Hi and thanks for looking ! Just thought id share the engine note of a Busso V6 combined with a supasprint exhaust. The filming is pretty bad im sorry to say, your better off skipping to about 1 min through as i think starting the car with the cam inside, almost blew the mic ! It sounds much better when going, the rasp from the exhaust is awesome through tunnels... But i dont know if i will eventually replace it so any opinions on it are welcome ! Hope you like it :P
I've been signed up a while but not got round to showing off my beast (yeah right) anyway here she is: Mods so far: Carbon Fibre Rear Veiw Carbon Fibre Badge Seat Tax Disc Holder Fitted Car Mats (yes they need a clean) Also fitted stubby aerial, LED side lights, LED Number plate lights, LED map light and LED boot light And this: If I can afford to I'd like coilovers, and rear spacers...but we'll see... Thats all for now anyway :)
hi i have a volvo 745 i will tune it up so it is a very nice car:)
Went for a quick spin around Bradfield today: :D:D:D:D:D That's my mind made up. House+Garage+25th Birthday = R34 GTR :lol:
I absolutely love this car...
My pride and joy. please feel free to comment good or bad. I value all input :) I am in now way a photographer so not the greatest shots, lol. Enjoy :)
....with my mates WIP 399hp Cossie'd Mk2 Escort, and another mates newly acquired slow-as-fook what-the-hell-is-that-front-bumper S15 Type R (basic mods Circa 260-270hp). Turned the boost controller back up as 22psi is JUST about useable on OTR now, whereas last weekend the RS would spin up in 4th on WOT :lol: Took a few snaps on the phone for prosperitys sake: Only cleaned the RS last night too and it's bloody filthy! S15 is soon to have new wheels with some nice dish on the rear, and a standard/Aero front bumper plus some more boost so it doesn't keep getting in the way :lol: All the Escort needs is a better paint job, rear diff plus better tyres and it's practically finished. Silly quick though, just plain...
Car when I first got it: Headunit fitted ( Eonon d5107) Carbon wrapping: First wheel change: Then Flyeyes kit: Another wheel change and angel eyes fitted Just bought some VXR springs so will be fitting them next weekend after the remap :)
Bought this last week and i love it! Looks smart and handles extremely nicely. She likes a drink though!!
Don't know if anyone's bothered , but I've just washed my car so I thought I'd put some pics of it up. :bigsmile:
Hi fellow Caddy owners, We have just picked up our new caddy that will be used out on the road for mobile remapping and as a general works van. (Might even use it weekends it's that nice) 15,000 Miles on the clock and is like new inside and out, and she is DSG :blink1: Here's a few pics, let us know what you think.
Getting a new car to replace the A3 It is a ..... wait for it..... it's quite long..... Audi A4 Avant 2.0 T FSi Quattro S line Limited Edition with 18 inch RS4 wheels, Full leather interior and dual zone climate control. It looks good in a very dark grey and the Chrome around the grill has been blacked out. Front brakes are drilled, grooved and vented as standard. 0-60 7.1 Seconds 31 mpg! And it is a Quattro so it will have really good handling, the test drive was a sheer pleasure. I take delivery on Friday, I can't wait and all pics are pre the final valet and preparation. This is my v8xr2. Powerd by a Tvr 350i v8 with a 150hp shot of NoZ
Few quick pics now 333 is sitting a bit lower on KW V1's and had a wash. Engine bay needs a clean though! Could do with going a touch lower I think? Although it has settled a tiny bit lower since these pictures.
S'alright. Feels proper weird after driving the GT everywhere for so long. When I first got in it the gearstick throw seemed MASSIVE and reet sloppy because I'm used to my short-shifter. It feels proper slow atm too :lol: Steering though is beautifully weighted, has the best steering of any car I've ever driven. Comortable and has that "big car" feel, dead quiet and refined. 60mpg, £35 a year tax and cheap insurance isn't too bad either. Half-leathers, A/C, alloys, electric everything blah blah.
Hi some of you may know i owned a very Nice GTI-R.. But i got a offer on it that i just could not turn down,, and now its a toy in a collection.. So with a good friend selling him nice Evo 6 i just have to have it as my next project... spec and running very close to 400bhp Icelles Blue Aftermarket front bumper Aftermarket rear lights Carbon sharkfins on the roof carbon clock surround RallyArt mudflaps Lowered on Tein Springs 18 inch white Rota's New discs and pads all round Front and rear strut braces Engine Skunk 2 cams 3mm lash adjusters Synapse recirc dumpvalve Blitz Nur spec frontpipe and exhaust with cat bypass pipe Blitz sonic air filter Greddy Frontmount kit with...
Hey all this is my motor i got on tuesday for £600 and the insurance is £2612 Fully Comp so I just put her through the MOT and as you can see i cocked up with the motor oil trying to add oil in a force 7 gale doe not work!! This is My Fiat 1.2 8v ELX Its not anywhere near as nice as your cars but its quite nimble imho Any tips on what I can improve?
hey new guy here , dont know what to put so heres me car New members require 10 posts before being allowed to post up any pictures. I have approved it for you this time. T9 man.
In this guide I will simply explain how to upload pictures onto this forum. Step 1 Sign up to an image hosting website. I use Photobucket. It is completely free. Step 2 Once you have created an account. You may wish to create an album if (like me) you like to keep things organised. Step 3 Create an album by filling in the details. Step 4 Your new album is ready for some pictures! Click 'Upload photos and videos'. You can also use 'Album options' drop down. Step 5 Select some photos! You will have to select the folder you have stored them in on your PC. *If you want to select more than one, hold 'Ctrl'.* Step 6 Your soon to be viewed photos will now upload to your album. Step 7 Time to...
this sucks.... the site dont work for jack...
hello again friends, i'm going show my modest corolla. it's an small engine car but funny to drive :) a little information: Brand: TOYOTA model: corolla e12 hatchback 2 seats engine: 1400cc diesel 90cv year: 2007, last model the mod's i have made: FULL front corolla TSPORT kompressor bumper air K&N panel filter lower springs, about 35mm-40mm an 2DIN unit PIONEER avic f930BT FUTURE MODS: -ECU REMAP 120cv -front air intakes in bumper grills, for turbo and admission chamber -17 inch wheels from KEI RACING -convert to 5 seats -remove catalyst -new exhaust line with 2 lines, 2 exhausts -put an rear bumper difusor -better audio system, mine is the stock system -halogen white lights for better distance for now is this this is the...
Hi all Been off the scene a while and this is how my vrs has developed. Now has 220bhp dpf off remap. Also bilstein B8 dampers,Nuespeed front rear roll bars and links. Cheers
see attached images :blink1:
Hi All, Stumbled across the site whilst reading a write up on a V6 Mk1 Astra. Well I also have a Mk1 Astra running a chipped 2.0 16v Turbo (C20LET) and a 6 speed box (F28 ) giving 272BHP. Full custom made leather interior too :) The car had a ground up restoration over the last 18 months (a re shell of my old one) and now looks like this. Hope you like
Check out Martyns MK2 Jetta sitting pretty on 15x8 Rota Zeros. Check out the Rotashop Blog for more info on the Jetta or more motors looking sweet on Rota Wheels
this is my baby when i first layed eyes on her. (love at first sight) hahahhaa
Hi Everyone... Just joined up this eveing, and thought i'd show you what i currently drive, and have driven.. Hope you all enjoy.. My Current Wheels, a 1998(R) Volvo V40 T4, 200bhp Turbo, she's pretty quick. My old work car until someone stole it!!! This was fun, my 1993 Volvo 850 T5 Auto.. And then there was my Vectra C, which started off looking like this.. And ended up looking like this... Hope you've all enjoyed my little trip down memory lane, and i shall enjoy looking at pictures of what you all drive in oher threads..
Took me 2 months to write my first bike off :lol: , this is the replacement with my car, Team fergie!
Hello All Well This is what the old Mad Wog Looked like until about 3 months ago I'll start a fresh thread for Mad R Wog as i will post pictures from the beginning of the rebuild to current state. Enjoy Chris
on my profile,sorry tried to upload straight here but it wouldn't have it.Anyway they are on my profile for those who want to see .
All, Im after some new alloy wheels for my 100nx, im looking for a set of 15's possibly 16's does anyone no the offset, stud pattern etc i have to look for???:p
Give the car a detail the other day and decided to go for pics. Over the winter I hope to continue the front rub strip across the number plate recess, Schmidt Modern Lines 3pc (going to try to get bigger dishes so i can run 9.5/10 at the rear, Porsche Tombstones and then retrim them in leather and alcantara with rear bench to match. Clio 197 steering wheel. There is currently a group buy for bagyard stuff on a local forum so i may purchase the management for the airride. cheers for reading :D
Can anybody tell me what model these wheels are? I have looked everywhere..... Any help would be gratefully accepted :D
I thought id put these in the right place its a 1998 volvo v70r front wheel drive version with manual gearbox (rare) ive had it a year and done quite alot to it in the time i've had it with more to come, should be running around 330bhp at the minute. HLM 310 remap Td04-19t turbo upgrade Lowered 35mm 235/35/19' tyres with anthracite pegasus "R" wheels LED black side repeaters Black mesh grill with "R" emblem Blacked out windows Group a cosworth pipercross inducton kit Forge dump valve Forge unos boost controller Silicone hoses Uprated blue injectors Reverse intercooler pipework Powerflow exhaust system De-catted Limited slip differential Powerflex engine mount Drilled and grooved brake discs all round with c/coded calipers HID...
The S2K has gone! this is my new motor the 350Z, Took some pics with my mates S2000 And just got my first bike too. Suzuki SV650S :love:
Some say it pulls like a Train, others say is that fast Mr.? All I Know is.., that's my 854-R:lol:
Hi guys. This is a car I have been wanting for a long time, I had the L6 but I never liked it engine wise. My brother traded a Nissan Patrol for this and I bought it from him. What we are looking at here is a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7L V8 (who cares about fuel price!) with 177000km's on the clock. The paint is not the best in the world with some deep marks on both the front and back of the car, loads of RDS's and loads of swirlmarks. It will be fixed soon, hopefully in the next week or 2. Only 2 now, I'll take it out for a photoshoot when I'm finished detailing it :) The Skoda still lives with me but I'm trying to sell it, If I can't I'll be fixing it's paint in the winter and taking the plates off! :)
Alright so, I purchased the new (not really new) Saab 900 this past week, just picked it up Wednesday, and let me tell you, fast fast fast! It is a 1995 900 SE, 2.0T, 3 door coupe / hatch ! The previous owner is a friend I met through Saab events and saablink. He did a substantial amount of work to the car, all of which are very noticeable. The list includes : -900 transmission swapped for a 1999 9-3 transmission, which is hydraulic versus cable. -Upgraded shifter linkage, much sturdier -Stock turbo swapped for larger TD04 turbo from a Saab 9000 Aero -Cat delete -Full 2.5inch Flowmaster from cat delete back -Stage 2 road tune from a genius by the name of Mike D. -Custom intake piping leading to open air intake -Boost Guage...
just thought id post to see if people liked it also got windows tinted.
Well i got 10 posts...So i thought i would bore you with my car.. Show area are japshow 08

Please watch this on my YouTube channel & Subscribe.