Update time...

Hi guys.

Well what mad 3 months it has been. Loads of stuff going on it's been crazy lol. But in the short run of things:-

1:- redecorated the house. :amuse:

2:- redecorated my mothers place for her :amazed:

3:- 3rd of July was mother b-day = 2 and half cases of carling and went 28hrs straight and took a week to recover. :confused:

4:- major service done on the Calibra. :cheesy:

5:- find out i'm going to be a Dad again and is due 17th of Feb. :D

6:- need a 4 or 5 door car to cater for 2 children so Cally had to go :sad2:

7:- find new car which i'm gettin on Tuesday next week that is another absolute gem of a bargain. :cool:

As those that read my 3.0 Calibra thread, you will remember how much of a good deal I got it for (£700) well I did it again and listed the Calibra £1650 to see what would happen. And I came across this car listed for £2500. Don't ask me how I managed to get this deal, I think it was pure chance as the chap wanted a van lol. So I tried him and sent the spec and pics without a price, and he snapped my arm off as he's a Calibra lover aswell and knows the what the value should be on some of these cars lol. Had a look at his car and a test drive and fell in love thinking this is the 4 door for me. (I'm good with these car deals.)

As soon as I get it i'll post some pics up as the advert for his is now removed but believe me, shes a beauty.

Any who, the car I'm getting is a Black, Pre-facelift Vectra GSi saloon. And here's a list of the little bits that have been done lmao:-

-3.0 Engine conversion done at Regal Autosport.
-Milltek downpipes and rest of system was supplied by Regal.
-F28 6 speed conversion with a nice Quaife LSD both done at Vauxhall with receipts.
-Brand new Bilstein adjustable coil overs fitted 3 weeks ago
-Few other bits on engine such as plugs, leads, FPR, enlarged inlet, enlarged throttle body, panel filter etc.
-remapped and RR'd at 236bhp.

Cam-belt, water pump, oil pump, thermostat replaced with cool running version, new radiator, new poly bushes all round, service and mot were all done 3 weeks ago at the same time as the suspension.

157,000 on the car with mint exterior and interior, but the engine has done 89,000 and was removed from a Omega Elite. Totally standard looking from the outside par the rear valence, exhaust tips and suspension. The wheels are mint but will most likely get them sprayed in white to suit the car better.

The body shape of the saloon handles better than the hatchback anyway (hence why this was used for the touring car) so with the coilovers and lsd, this thing should fly through bends. This will be my 3rd Vectra. First being a Vectra SRi in white but had a GSi bodykit (vauxhall never did a white gsi as standard) and I did a full turbo conversion on that myself and looked something like so:-



Then swapped that for a Scooby, then got rid of that for my 2nd Veccy which was a genuine GSi but was the hatchback, but was seriously mint:-



And now i'm moving onto my 3rd. Obviously i've not have had the pre-facelift before. Never had one due to them looking unfinished with the black plastic that Vauxhall didn't do body coloured unlike the Super Tourers of the same shape. But Black ones have always held something special in my eyes as the plastic blends in well with the body work, hence getting this one. But at the same time, at least I now have a decent family car that has everything there should the "right lead foot" come into play.

Oh and by the way, had a gander in my emails and found 1 pic left that I didn't delete in other emails. Can't really get and idea but you can see the lack of stone chips for 157,000 miles and also the low-ness on the front end. I definitely think it needs an Irmscher or OPC front grill:-

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Good grief BAD63R, what do you do for an encore! lol, A very very busy chap without a shadow of a doubt! big congrats on the news of the future addition to the family by the way! :)
Wow - you pack so much into your life. Congrats on all the good news. Look forward to seeing your new cars project thread.

Let's see what have I been up to? Hmm, I serviced the A3 and got an MOT done.;)
LMAO @ Waynne. Wish it was that easy, the silly thing is though i'm going to be just as busy over the next 3months aswell. The list so far:-

1:- receive new car.

2:- play with new car lol

3:- visiting my father who owns a hotel in the Lake District in 2 weeks.

4:- play with car some more lol...

5:- go on family Holiday with mother, partner, daughter and my pet dog.

6:- rip out 3 walls and do a renovation on my place to make one massive Living with Kitchen at one end come breakfast bar/divider.

7:- then the fun can begin with the car if there's anything i want to do to it.

I have some plans up my sleeve that will be done next week when I get it such as taking it to my local suspension & geometry place to get the suspension set up perfectly with the camber kit and get it perfect for how I want it. Maybe sort some really nice Toyo's out for it but for now it has Pirelli's. EGR blanking plate on the rear of the engine (does wonders if remapped with exhaust and filter along with FPR) I'd really like to get the injectors and fuel pump uprated. Probably under seal it aswell. Oh and maybe upgrade to the 320mm disks and 4 pot brakes from a Vectra VXR.

Should keep me going for minute or 2 lol.
Well it would appear that i'm getting time wasted big time. The deal keeps getting put back so i've relisted in alot of places to try and sell the old Cally. Really dont want to but with second child coming I dont really have a choice, plus I can't afford to run 2 cars at the moment.
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