2001 206 GTI 138 project

hi everyone me and the wife recently purchased our first joint car together its a 2001 206 gti 138 in moonstone silver, has 107k on the clocks and is a pretty tidy car seeing as its 13 years old

since purchasing a couple of weeks ago i have done the following

new front discs and pads
sportex oval back box
new oe centre section
k&n panel filter
new oil and filter
new plugs
removed and cleaned throttle bodie and refitted

the car is really good to drive it feels well balanced and has a very strong torquey 2.0 16v engine in there, but anyone that knows about this engine knows that it was restricted quite a bit by peugeot themselves mainly by a terrible inlet manifold, crappy exhaust manifold which also rattles like hell (common fault) and a very conservative engine map

so i have already purchased an ecosse full 4-1 exhaust manifold which sees some impressive gains on its own, coupled with a set of uprated engine mounts to eliminate any movement.

onto the inlet side of things i have decided go for the inlet from the 206 gti 180 which is far superior in design but is not a straight fit, to fit ill need the following

180 alternator
306 gti 6 throttle bodie and icv
custom adapter

i understand that just by fitting the inlet the average gains are around 10-15bhp.

i will of course when these items are fitted be getting the car remapped to make the most out of everything and make sure all is safe.

im hoping to get the car on a hub dyno before we carry out these mods to see what we have to work with.

but this weekends plan weather permitting is to give the car a real good detail as its in need of it.

i will get some pics up for you all tomorrow evening
Hi buddy, that all sounds marvellous and I am really pleased for you :)

As a new member you will need to have made 10 posts first before the system will allow you to upload any photos. Have a look around and get involved in some of the other members threads, you will hit 10 in no time at all. Looking forward to seeing those pictures ;)
and some pics of the bits iv bought and fitted and pic of the cleaned throttle bodie



defo agree, by doing both the inlet and exhaust manifold upgrades it along with the remap it will give it that little extra thats its missing
yes they have alot of low down grunt just seem very asthmatic after 4.5k ish.

i do have other plans for the engine as well, cat cams do a fantastic sport profile cam kit for them which was proven to gain 23 bhp and 24lb/ft with a remap with no other mods so thats something for down the line.

im having a day on detailing the car this weekend so ill get a few pics if i remember lol, iv also bought some of the same stuff as dynamat (sound deadening) to fit inside the boot area where its bare metal and a few other areas, should all help to reduce any unwanted decibels inside the car
got a couple of pics on my phone (iv got alot more on the mrs's camera which are far better quality)

very impressed with how the car turned out i spent 6 hours on it
Thanks guys much appreciated.

Its not bad tbh got a few subtle plans exterior wise for it and definitely going to drop it 40mm to give it a better stance I would go more if it was just my car but gotta keep it practical for the wife
Oh I also forgot to mention iv got the car booked in saturday morning for a few power runs at psi tuning in Newcastle under Lyme to see whats what and what sort of base we have before modding.
Ecosse called me yesterday to tell me there manufacturer no longer makes the manifold for#!the 206. So iv decided to take the hit and go for the much more expensive but proven supersprint manifold which also mates up to the existing cat.
another update for you all, iv decided to go for a supersprint exhaust manifold thats designed to fit the oe cat, so less hassle etc etc, we are limited for the amount of time the car can be off the road as the wife uses it for work each day.

iv also ordered a set of kw -40mm lowering springs this should still keep the ride height practical but give it a much better stance, and ordered the vibratechnics gearbox engine mount, im hoping to fit the manifold/mounts and lower it in 1 day then the wife can have it back to get to work.
yeah she is a good un, she has got a car that all she has to do is put petrol in it, as im paying the insurance/tax and any other costs that it needs.

if it was my own car then it would be going all out on throttle bodies/ultimate road cams/headwork/de catted 60mm lowered etc etc, this way i get to have a little play around but without going to radical but improving on whats already a decent 2.0 16v engine
Very nice. Could be a nice little sleeper there. Understanding wives are always a bonus. My Mrs never got my car passion when I had performance car's. She doesn't even put the fuel in!

cheers matey :) i do like the fact thats its been already fully debadged of anything stating its a gti, iv got an idea to make the exterior a little different, smoked crystal rear lights/crystal headlights/smoked side repeaters and smoked fog light very subtle but little touches all add up.
it should look alot better once its lowered 40mm and iv also purchased the sp mesh upper and lower grilles which should make a nice subtle improvement at the front.

iv also managed to get in with a fella over on the 206 forum who can get great deals on cat cams (20% off list price with free delivery) so im considering going for a pair of there sport cams which are used with oe lifters etc and have been proven to gain 23bhp 24 lb/ft with a remap and no other mods and retain all the original characteristics of the engine same power band etc etc so a win win.

here is a couple of pics of the new 180 inlet that will be fitted to the car as you can see its far superior in design/flow etc to the original plastic restrictive inlet,this coupled with the gti6 throttle bodie and remap should provide the engine with a much stronger intake of air and with the uprated supersprint exhaust manifold we will get them gasses out much quicker also.
Well guys the car made 136bhp which im over the moon with as it proves all is still very well with the engine after 107k.
Now to fit the supersprint manifold and 180 inlet and get it mapped up.
Sounds awesome mate! Good figures and a nice dyno graph. Especially for an older car.

cheers mate, very impressed with the car and having a good strong engine after 107k is good to know and should be able see around 150-155 with the manifold changes and remap
winter tyres (nankang snow sv2) arrived today ready for the coming months, these will then be taken off around march/april to be replaced with uniroyal rainsport 3s

iv also fitted a new pair of bosch 21" aero wipers as the old ones were coming to the end of there life, much better now.
whilst i was at it i fitted the new numberplates with new screws and caps which has really made a nice difference as the old ones were tatty with rusted screws/missing caps etc, i could only remove one screw with a screwdriver the other 3 had rusted up completely but they were removed none the less.

my supersprint manifold/lowering springs and vt engine/gearbox mount should be here next thursday
cheers matey got rid of my shaky hands and sorted the colouring out a bit.

iv been informed that my car has gained 7lb/ft over standard so thats really good should see a bit more just from the supersprint exhaust manifold
Finally going to sort the reverse light switch today and also getting the winter tyres fitted on the front. Got a brand new pair of uniroyal rainsport 3s en route for the back wheels also fingers crossed they arrive early today so i can get them fitted at same time.

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