There is a new gallery section within the forum!

There is a new gallery on the site which members can upload pictures to.

You have to be logged in to view the members galleries and features.


I've been uploading the old gallery pics and have just done the london motorshow pictures. (2-3000 More photos to come soon!)

You get to your own gallery through your Profile Control panel and your gallery will show up in your profile and become a part of the site gallery.

(Galleries can only be viewed by members and they can only be created if you have 10 or more posts.)

If you have got some car show pics we'd love to see them.

Also you can comment on pictures now - so enjoy.
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Once I get to 10 posts I'll be posting pics of our new BMW 325xi (new to us that is)...can't wait.
Working on my headliner... updating to Black Suede!


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