FTO Project

Project FTO

Hi every one Just fort it Would be time to add a few Pics of my FTO as she stands, Still loads of work to do,

List of work done..

New straight through Exhaust, With Custom Back Box,
New steering Wheel
New chrome Rings on interior
New Rear bumper new Bonnet
Welding done
Chassis Treated Primed and Painted in under seal
new discs and pads all round

That's it so far, Here's some pics..

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Hi all Fort its time to start a thread about my FTO 2.0 V6, I bought it just before Xmas, Since then it has been of the road haven the following work done to it..

New straight Through Exhaust system, With custom Back Box,
New discs and pads all round,
All welding done,
Chassis has been Primed and Painted with Under seal,
New Steering wheel,
New chrome Rings on dials,
New rear bumper,
New Boot,

and still loads to do lol :lol:

Heres some pics

Hello there and may I extend to you a very warm welcome to TorqueCars forums.
It is great to meet you and I hope you enjoy the forums as much as we all do and that you get totally addicted to this site.

It sounds like you have a great project on your hands, with an impressive mod list already. So what's next.

What cars have you owned in the past then?

Do feel free to get involved in our other threads too, the more the merrier as they say and we are friendly (being friendly is actually a forum rule!:))
Thanks for the Comments,
As for what's next well Need some wheels if i can find some,
then Lower it,
But best till last is an engine Change either turbo the one i got or, Galant Twin turbo change, Or spend a little more money and go for the EVO 4 lump, But thats no time soon Due to money but on the drawing board as they say lol,

I have all sorts of motors from MR2, Celica, Escorts, BMW, Fiesta, and so on, But will be sticking with the Japs lol
Re: Project FTO

I look forward to seeing your pics when you get past our 10 post limit it sounds like an awesome project.

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