my MGF and mods done

well it started like this



basic car.. 15" std alloys,cloth interior, no rear speakers been sat in a stable for a year undriven and cost me £450 , 2 WEEKS LATER the head gasket went, typical but no real bother £300 to sort that out with a metal one,

now the car looks like this from the rear. change to rear lights (custom surrounds and fiat coupe lights) quad longlife SS Exhaust, stainless roll hoops


interior totally changed
Now has red leather seats/door cards/steering wheel/and gear knob, red painted window trim to match, resprayed speedo surround and mk2 centre console, as sprayed graphite grey, blue lockhead dspeedo dials, The airbag blank has been turned into a storage cubby hole made Taken from a MGZR, and I replaced the black webbing on the seatbelts for royal blue, also replaced the plain rear t-bar for a speaker t-bar for tunes in my ears not my feet lol



Front end grille replaced with nice shiny stainless diamond mesh and front splitter fitted to aid a light front end at speed, DRL lights, and orange indicators replaced with clear indicators

side air scoop extensions also bonded onto original vents and sprayed, side clear indicators fitted, upgraded the standard 2 pot calipers to 4 pot AP Performance calipers and standard 240mm discs replaced for 304mm
new 16" 11 spoke wheels were bought to fit over the new calipers

work you cant see is .... replaced the standard 48m plastic throttle body for a 52mm alloy lotus elise TB / K&N cone filter fed by 2 80mm pipes from side scoops,

oh and it sounds like this
oh wow, it sounds amazing too, gee wiz I could definitely fall in love with that sound, I can see my fuel bill doubling already.
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