RS6 vs GTR

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Hey All.

I know its not a photo gallery, but good enough:

A video of my RS6 chasing down my mates 2013 track-pack GTR on our way to the Nurburgring a few months back. I didn't expect them to be so close to be honest given the TP GTR is 550bhp and lighter than a stock GTR given the carbon front end and absence of the rear seat bench!
doesnt look like 180 to me but if it is both the drivers are lucky to be alive (sorry)

180mph on a 2 lane carriageway ??? and with other cars about ???

overtaking cars when at any time they could pull out to overtake something in front which you could not possibly see .
Fact is even if they do look in their mirror all they will see is a speck in the distance and because they have no perception of that speed they are quite likely to pull out because they just wont see you .

fortunately they didnt .
The speed is very deceiving on the video I must admit, particularly when the camera is mounted inside the car, but as GoPro only rate the suction mount to 150mph I didn't want to risk it flying off and a) loosing my go-pro but b) more importantly it not hitting another car.

I actually planned to have the race-logic timing box in view of the camera (you can see it bottom right) but turns out I messed that up as you can't see it properly! I keep meaning to get the GPS plot off the SD card to show the acceleration and speed over time.

I take on board your comments regarding the speed, as with anything there is always an element of risk. A good proportion of the cars passed where part of our group that knew what was happening and the remainder we kept a very close eye on. You'll notice all the cars we passed had no logic reason to pull out as they where not approaching anything in front of them. When there was a risk of this as a car on the inside was catching another car in his/her lane we backed off. It's all about reading the road, far far down the road, and paying attention to what others may be doing.

I'm not suggesting its risk-free, but you can be sensible.
Indeed it dosnt look like 180Mph .. my guess would be 90Mph , not saying youre lying its just how it looks like to me
I think we'd best close this thread or it could be perceived that we are condoning reckless driving on the public roads.

I had not appreciated the speeds involved when I saw this.
to underlie obis point I understand your reasoning but it just doest work like that

At 180 mph you travel at 1 mile every 20 seconds. Roughly 75 metres per second which means no driver in a normal car can possibly see you in their mirror . ( even if they use it )
Neither can you see far enough beyond them and most certainly not inffront of athat truck.

I dont doubt that you are perfectly capable of controlling the car at that speed . Problem is you cant control those other drivers in the inside lane . It is therefore a lottery and thankfully your number did not come up.
Apologies to anyone I've upset. Wayne feel free to delete this. I was never intending this sort of response and would certainly not have posted it on UK roads with a 70mph speed limit.

The locals are used to quick cars unlike on UK roads but there was a risk I accept that.
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