My '04 Getz Sport 1.6 16v

I thought I'd start a project thread, although it won't be the conventional project thread as progress will be slow.

So onto the car, it's my daily driver, a 2004 Hyundai Getz Sport 1.6 16v, as found in the UK, possibly elsewhere in the world, some go under the model name of Hyundai Click.

The Sport model came fitted with a 1.3 16v and a 1.6 16v engine.

The power figures for the 1.6 16v are a mahoosive 104bhp with 105.6 lbs/ft of torque.

Trim wise the car came with electric windows, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, a/c and front fog lights as standard. The bodykit was an optional extra.

The car came with many receipts for some of the other "extras" it has, such as the window tints, the graphics package and the leather re-trim which were commissioned by the dealer to make this a demo model.

The wheels that are currently fitted are from the Hyundai i20 Style and are 16". The factory fitted 14" alloys are long gone, not that that's a bad thing lol.

The only other modification to it so far is a K&N panel filter, which again came with the car when I bought it.

The only thing I've done is give it a full service (bar the aforementioned air filter) and removed some of the tactless and worthless "power gaining" modifications.

Anyways enough of my rambling, your comments are welcomed :)
I'm afraid not buddy. All has been quiet. Currently saving to get a Terraclean service done on it, hopefully get it done next week.
That should make a noise all right :)

Just one thing buddy, that sub looks like it is very snug between the rear seats and the hatch. With the amount of air it will be shifting does the sub sound ok? If in doubt and as an experiment you could try shifting the sub 90 degrees so that the speaker faces the amplifier. Yes it will take up more room in the boot but the bass may improve under higher volumes if allowed to push out the air properly instead of bouncing right back at the speaker cone.

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