Felicia fun

Why not focus on the handling first, some coilover suspension will help no end.

Fast road camshaft and remap are my top tips but the 1.6 won't be much more powerful from that considering the cost. The power gain is only around 15% for those mods.

Exhaust and induction kit won't do anything for power.
Ok so I've done this article for you.

I just need to find a nice pic of a Felicia now, if anyone has one it can be emailed to webmaster@ this website name.
Sounds like an awesome project, a 5 seater that doubles up as a pickup! SWEET>
Thanks went to brilliant place called Redhill classics and they made me a stainless steel cat back exhaust for it very pleased nice little burble not to loud so cat back and highflow air filter made a bit of difference lowered 45 mm. I’ll try and upload a picture

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