Hi its been a while but I thought I would post up the latest addition to my fleet. OK so its not a custom car or supercar etc. but everytime I go out in it I can gaurantee being asked about its history, what its like to drive and generally people lusting after one!

des photos
Thanks T9, my fleet is actually dwindling I am down to only 4 cars and one of those is sale pending! Trouble is they are all insured so it gets a bit expensive!!
Welcome back, good to hear from you. I bet people keep out of your way when you're driving this beasty!
Yours is the one on the left then! ;) Looks very nice and sturdy. That is a vehicle with real character.
That looks wicked man, love it, just wanna grab my stetsons and tackle the bush or something rough and muddy.
Cheers Hugo, no mud here in France now, pretty dry and dusty but I might go down to the mountains for a camp out in a few weeks.

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