Octavia VRS all grown up project

as alot of you know via my other 206 gti project thread me and the wife are having our first child later this year so the 206 just wouldnt of been practical, it was decided we needed something 5 door with a big boot and on my part something i can keep my hand in with modding :)

decision was made on a 2001 octavia vrs in black here is the write up of the for sale ad and also a few pics

Here we have my precious VRS Octavia for sale. I have owned this car since 2004 and it has never wanted for anything. It comes with a fully stamped service book, mainly serviced at Farmers Skoda in Leicester and latterly at a VW/Skoda specialist. I have all receipts and previous MOT's including the original hand book etc.8 Months MOT, The car is immaculate for its age and has a super clean and unworn interior (never smoked in). The mileage has been mainly motorway due to my daily commute to work and has never let me down. The engine pulls like new and is completely original.
3 Owners including myself, Full service history, Electric windows (front and back), Air conditioning (super cold), 6 stack CD player,1/2 Leather trim, Height adjustable driver's seat, Height adjustable passenger seat, Folding rear seats, VRS embossed Sports seats, Metallic black paint, Alloy wheels, Spare wheel (un-used), Power steering, Steering wheel reach adjustment, Traction control, Central locking, Alarm, Immobiliser, Driver's airbags, Passenger airbags. please call me for further details, no time wasters or trade.


all this motor for 1,195 pound which i still cant believe its an absolute bargain

now the plans are to sensibly modify the car to keep it practical for the wife and baby so no noisy exhaust systems etc but this still shouldnt stop me improving on what i feel is a great all round engine (my bro has owned 2 20v turbo cars) so i do know quite a bit on the tuning side of these things but by no means am i an expert.

i have already purchased a cai kit from fellow briskoda member octycal and as long as it arrives this week i will get it fitted this sunday before i give the car a good detail (oh yes thats another hobby of mine).
also i have negotiated a deal for a forge intercooler which fits exactly the same as oe but has larger core etc etc.
i am then looking to fit an uprated turbo intake pipe and other related hoses and possibly a decat downpipe onto the existing oe exhaust system, once done a stage 1 remap at either psi tuning or more bhp will be carried out to keep me happy for now, but seriously watch this space in the coming months as im sure ill have some interesting updates for you all
well we collected the car yesterday morning, you would never believe it has covered 144k it is as tight as new no rattles squeeks or bangs engine pulls really well ticks over lovely quite as a mouse.
it is due a big service including cambelt kit change so i ordered and picked up the following yesterday

cam belt kit, water pump, thermostat, oil and filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and brake fluid. also going to remove the throttle bodie and give that a clean.

the paintwork is looking like it has done 144k though alot of swirls and quite a few scratches but they dont seem deep so fingers crossed i can spend a good few hours on it and get it looking a bit more like it.
so me and the good wife spent a good 5 hours on the car today this consisted of in no particular order

washed/clay mitted/alloys cleaned/ tyres dressed/ fallout removed/ windows cleaned and polished/ pre wax cleanser/ polished and waxed/ trim dressed/ interior cleaned/leather cleaned and treated/ ex dealer decal removed from boot glue removed etc/ engine bay cleaned. i think thats it i was intending on fitting the cai kit but my back is absolutely killing me so it can wait until next weekend now.

anyway heres a few pics sorry they were only taken off my phone (cant find our camera)

Really nice motor, as said above - proper wolf in sheep clothing these, and I've always had a soft spot for the 20V-T engine.
Really nice motor, as said above - proper wolf in sheep clothing these, and I've always had a soft spot for the 20V-T engine.

thanks alot rob spot on about the wolf in sheeps clothing, very deceiving even in standard form they use the power well and lug the big motor along well, really looking forward to freeing up a bit of flow with in induction and de cat downpipe and a remap should really bring it all together.

Ooh I love a good clay bar and paint cleansing session. Looks good |B

this had to be the worst car iv ever clayed rough wasnt the word it could really do with a proper da polishing session
for anyone interested the products used for this exterior detail were

autobrite purple velvet shampoo/g3 clay mitt/clb its the berries alloy cleaner/meguiars tyre gel/g3 scratch remover and waffle pad/autobrite liquid gold pre wax cleanser/autoglym super resin polish/g3 resin superwax/autobrite bubblegum trim dressing/meguiars perfect clarity window cleaner/autobrite clear vue glass polish/autoglym metal polish/autobrite just the tonic glue & tar remover
I love how these cars look. Unless you know what it is, they're complete sleepers.
Aye, me too. I'm a big fan of sleepers. There is so much you can do with those Vag 1.8Ts as well.

It's funny, I was thinking about this the other day, the 1.8T is really well thought of and loved in tuning circles, but the 2.0 that came after doesn't seem to inspire the same.
car is booked in this thursday with my mate at gt motorsport in stoke for a full service including fuel filter and brake fluid change and also a cambelt /waterpump replacement as its due 60k since its last change.

cannot stress enough how much me and the wife like this car
i have just ordered a new throttle body gasket and just fount out the tb can be removed and cleaned without removing any of the plugs so no need for a reset so i will be doing that this sunday ;)
i have just ordered a new throttle body gasket and just fount out the tb can be removed and cleaned without removing any of the plugs so no need for a reset so i will be doing that this sunday ;)
Not quite correct mate as soon as you move the butterfly flap/valve it will need a reset unless you're car has a cable throttle not dbw;)
Cheers pal
Im just following a how to guide off the briskoda forum many people have followed this guide with no probs at all.
Also mentions have a 2nd person with you and get them turn key to position one and put foot on accelerator to open the valve.
Just be weary changing the n75 letter other than the one you have originally can cause the car to have boosting issues. BUT this is hit and miss some engines like it some don't;)
well the wife finished work early today so it gave me chance to do a few jobs on the car this consisted of the following

cleaned the throttle body

fitted k&n panel filter

fitted new numberplates

had a little drive to the shops after and must say i do like the little extra noise when letting off the loud pedal
not the most exiting of updates but thought id post a few pics of the old and new plates, little touches make a nice difference



old vs new

a more relevant update is that the car has had a full service with belts etc changed today by my good mate mark at gt motorsport in stoke, he also says its the diverter causing the hesitant boost issue every now and then, so iv purchased a 007p one via a fella over on facebook for £60.
bit more of an update for you guys, i have bought a meter length of silicone vacuum hose to replace the old worn oe stuff and also ordered a forge breather hose kit to yet again replace the old oe stuff. i am also going to order a silicone boost hose kit and of course the sfs oversized tip which when all fitted should eliminate any leaks what are potentially coming from those areas.
yesterday i received my uprated forge 007p recirc valve got this for a very good price just waiting on my length of vacuum hose to arrive then i will get it fitted

one thing that people always forget is that the forge 007p requires a little service every year or so, it takes a total of around 10-15mins max and once done they work as good as new.

i did mine last night was very dirty inside gave it a good clean out removed o rings etc made sure all ok then regreased all required bit fitted o rings,piston and spring back into the body then screwed top back on, gave it the vacuum test and its spot on again now was defo in need of a quick overhaul.
That's OK mate I've known of a couple of instances of people buying second hand and having yellow or red springs and the car going into limp mode and it taking them a while to diagnose the issue
I can well imagine mate and again it has lead to people stating the forge valves are no good unreliable etc

I will at some point need upgrade to the yellow spring
I have heard of using shims for the spring. I did something similar on my old r5gtt carb to delay the 1st stage slightly
yesterday my new breather hoses and vacuum hose arrived im going out to fit the 007p and vacuum hose and also the smaller breather hose, going to fit the bigger one when i receive the new oe plastic breather pipe which i understand is prone to breaking when changing the hoses.

i have also got a 2 piece n75 boost hose kit from creation motorsport which will be with me next week so ill be fitting that next weekend :)

out with the old

in with the new

i am waiting on a plastic t piece to arrive then i am going to do the n249 bypass should take me all of 10 mins

as it was obviously not even remotely doing its job i removed it, well in fact it just dropped off when i moved the pipe as you can see totally shot and the bit of bottom half that fits onto t piece is still on there.

so the search is now on to see if GSF or TPS are open today? i know my local a2z motor spares will be open but unsure if they stock the hose and am sure eurocar parts do not stock it either.
i actually spoke to my local skoda dealer last night they are open today but parts section is not :(
well i managed to to a temporary fix on the breather hose with a piece of garden hose, so i have now ordered a silicone lower breather/pcv hose as this should eliminate any future problems from that area, so i will be fitting this with the other lower silicone breather hose i have

new pcv hose

i have also ordered a new breather hose pipe as i have been informed that they break down/split/leak boost over time so may as well put a new one in whilst working on the bottom part of the engine breather system

the pipe in question
this is what should of been the first part of post 35

so as said i carried out the n249 bypass such an easy job really doesnt take long at all and costs a total of about £4

i cant report on how it is yet as when fitting the top breather hose i fount the pipe that was causing the engine management to be on, the lower breather/pcv hose had been taped up onto the top one and had a huge hole in it totally perished, i then follow the pipe down to the bottom and to my horror it was totally split to where it fits and was hanging on by a thread
little bit of an update received my new front and rear bosch aero wipers so fitted them yesterday much better looks wise and certainly perform better than the ones they replaced.

my n75 and lower dv silicone hoses and the 3 breather hoses/pipe will be here today but i have not got the car all weekend as the wife is doing 2 12 hour shifts so iv booked next friday off work and am heading down to my other mates garage retro motorsport in stoke to get them fitted just in time for us to give the car a nice little run to donington park on the sunday for the btcc :)

i will be ordering an sfs oversized tip at the end of this month and get it fitted before we head off to the lakes on the 20th may

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