Opel Calibra V6

its a 1994 2,5 v6
this are pics when i bought it this summer

engine already had G cams fitted , then the mods started , bought f28 gearbox mounted with flywheel and clutch from a C20let , mounted headlamps with fog lights
mounted sebring back box

then there weeks ago-
when i bought it engine wasnt in best shape , and when i was maxing it out at 250kmh it started to run like diesel . so it was puled out an totally rebuild ed that was finished yesterday .
tomorrow i will drive it back home from a garage and ill post newest pics
Sounds good. How many G cams are there? 2 or 4? And as said in your Vectra V6 thread, I've had 5 Calibras and can recommend all sorts for you ;) I've had 13 Vauxhall V6 ranging from the 2.5 up to the 3.2 ;) If the F28 ever gives you problems, go down the route of an F18. Same ratio just without 6th gear and can get them for less than £75 ;) Just be careful with the f28 as they don't make most of the parts for 2nd 3rd and 4th gear anymore.
all four g cams fited, door handles fited from vectra b so is the steering wheel, speedo is from turbo cali, don a lot of work so far, youll see fromm new pics,
its mine everyday car so i dont worry much for the gearbox
Speedo wont be any different other than the colour as the V6 and Turbo both have the 160mph clock (or equivalent of kph) Get a light weight flywheel to suit the gearbox as that will make a huge difference. Enlarged V6 throttle body and ported and polished inlet will see you about another 6-8bhp. Then fit a 3.0 or 3.2 bottom end which will see you at 210 or 220bhp standard, and with the porting mods, exhaust and filter will see you about 230bhp on the 3.2. Then bigger injectors from a Astra VXR, Walbro fuel pump and a remap will see you about 240+bhp on the 3.2 V6 or about 210bhp on the 2.5 but will pull like a train.
things left to do - for the interior im looking for a leather seats , exterior nice factory bumper maybe from cali last edition becouse i would like to keep stock look. engine i dont know time will tell
older speedo goes to 28o kmh i fited that one, i already fited lightened flywheel that poor engine before rebuild span wheels in third .
Yeh you can change to the facelift bumper but doesn't have as good air flow to the radiator as it has the stupid V grill in the middle. You have the better bumper ;) NO Calibra had a body kit as standard, just 3 varients of Irmscher kits available as optional extras ;)
European bumpers dont have that v its only in England versions, it have an opel badge there and it can be taken off as its part of the mesh so its easy as changing the mesh from older bumper.

Same with the English V grill then. That comes away with the mesh as well. As you have the "euro" version so to speak, you could try and get the Cliff Motorsport front bumper and bump strips. The first pic of that blue is the Cliff Motorsport Edition. The Cliff edition never came out over here, only on the continent. But very nice all the same.
i didnt post anything for a while ,its because weather is crappy here and mine garage hasnt any heating so for now all work will have to wait till spring. but calibra is in every day use and all is well for now.
me to i changed vectra /or in England cavalier /for this. vectra had same engine as this but this has much better body work .
when i tried this engine i wouldnt buy a car with another engine in it.
it's crying for a 3.2 conversion. Only need to use the bottom end. Just simply bolt everything from the 2.5 onto it. 220bhp on a standard engine. Then fit it with 4 x G cams :) ;)
no not an upgrade but necessity , it was rattling under the bonnet so i change it .
upgrades and cet... are waiting better weather and a little extra cash.
yesterday visited a friend nearby and unplanned i bought a new set of summer wheels

pic is when it was freshly mounted it dropped a little bit later after i drove it home
two days ago ive changed front shocks , springs [ eibach springs]and otehr bits and dots so all front suspension is new , in the proces it droped 2cm in front and its a little bit firmer. better handling in corners.
now just waiting for black leather interior to arrive.
well i was gone for a while lots of things done. first leather interior is in

that was best spend 100 euro.
then i reupholstered headliner

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