my 1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo

hi people thought id post a few pics of my r5 gt turbo i bought this car for 1k and what a bargain it is :D






That is in unbeleivably good condition, talk about a bargain! Thanks for posting the pics, much appreciated.
cheers for the comments guys it wasnt in the best looking of nick paintwise when i bought it but i got it home and got to work with a good washing then clay barred the whole car follwed by super resin polish then auto glym high definition wax ( best wax iv ever used ).
the car has only been on the road twice since dec 22nd as its parked down my drive covered up with a fully waterproof/breathable cover, its going be on the road for about 10 mins on monday as its off to gt motorsport have a few bits sorted :bigsmile:
im not a fan of the bucket seats and imo the backbox is slightly to large
but apart from that its nice to see a clean unmolested example

and the clio wheels go well!!

oh and welcome to tc's:D
the car come with the bucket seats and it was going be my 1st job to remove them but no way are they coming out they are by far the best seats iv ever used also they will be good for on the track :), the exhaust was already on also and that will be staying as it sounds miles better than most 5s iv heard also it always reminds me of the cars i grew up seeing with the 4" backbox's eg rsturbo/cosworth and the r5 gt turbo

cheers for the comments tho the turbines do suit it well they off the clio 16v :bigsmile:
like i say im not a fan but its your car and you do to it what ever makes you happy;):D

just curious do you drive another car apart from the r5?
indeed thats the beauty of owning a car its personal to you,

no i dont own another car the r5 is my weekend toy really iv got the works van for getting about in the week ;)
indeed thats the beauty of owning a car its personal to you,

no i dont own another car the r5 is my weekend toy really iv got the works van for getting about in the week ;)

the reason i asked was my mate who every so often buys another r5 (hes had about 10 over the years) told me its weird getting in 1 cause it has no power steering and having to use a choke just seems wrong
its proper retro thats for sure but i actually prefer the older cars without power steering etc i just think you get so much more feedback. your mate sounds like a few i know they cant keep away from r5s no matter who they own in between
well the last 1 he had he just bought a rolling shell and put a 1.8 16v engine in. and he really liked it the only reason he got rid of this 1 was the series 1 rs turbo he wanted the lad really wanted his r5 so it ws pretty much a straight swap.
but i guarantee he will get another 1 (i know he has his sights set on a 1989 gtt with only 3 owners from new with no mods other than a single wiper and a side exit exhaust and immaculate raider interior)
that sounds like a real nice car he is thinking about, cant blame him for going for an s1rst but compared to a 5 gt they aint a match tbh, plans for mine before the rtoc national day are to take the back seats out and get perpex windows fitted to shed a bit more weight, front and rear strut braces fitted then its a bit better set up for track action.
engine wise it will be getting a gt25 turbo and if money allows a 285 cam and vernier then boost set at 20psi
thanks alot mate how it looks now is how it will stay apart from the louvered bonnet thats going on in march :), they are awesome fun and suprise most of the so called big powered cars :).
i see you have a wrx mate nice cars them defo need the power upping tho
Loving the R5. :D

Friend of mine used to race them and has prepared quite few in the past. He's also fully restored a raider which was immaculate when finished. I think he still has plenty of bits for them. If you need anything for on track, pm me and I'll pass on his details.

took a few more pics of my car last weekend this was just after id topped the ag high def wax up on it (light was not the best)

also got a pic of the ported/bored turbo elbow that mark at gt motorsport is doing me my car is up there now and should have it back today :)




well guys iv been out since 9.25 this morning and got in about 15 mins ago i just cant stop driving it now, its such a pleasing car and puts a massive smile on my face mind you i dont suppose the corsa vxr or civic type r owners were smiling after trying it on lol
next jobs on the list are to get the inlet manifold de burred and ported along with the carb top gas flowed, as you can tell by how i go about things i like to get everything flowing to its full potential even tho this wont hardly see any bhp gains it will improve airflow and responsiveness which is always a win win for me.
I do like these lil cars had one years and years ago!

Keep updated with any new plans! i want pics lol""
I do like that, car colour suits it, normally only see them in sunbleached red but yours looks very nice. Another eighties car saved from the dreaded scrappage scheme although i would think these cars all have enthusiast owners by now? What figures are you lookomg for on the dyno next week then? Should be a real rocket powered roller skate with that turbo on and no heavy items like power steering, airbags and crumple zones etc :bigsmile: Have you addressed the turbo lag that was common on these and all other eighties turbo cars I seem to remember?

not expecting massive bhp figures on the dyno something around 135-140 max is be happy with, limiting factor is the little t2 turbo. turbo lag aint that bad really as it gets full 16psi boost at 3k and in 4th-5th around 2.5k. 130-140 dont sound much but trust me its one quick car and the response is unreal. when i upgrade to a full t25 then ill be running at about 18-20psi and should see around 160-170 bhp if i add the 285 cam then around 180-185bhp.
car is in for its power run today will be interesting to see what it makes, i do know my afr is 11.5 on full boost so if im not happy with the results i could lean that out to 12 which is still a safe level on the gt turbo
well i changed the aei unit on my car the other day and it seems to have ironed out the probs, going get it compression tested just to be on the safe side tho

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