1991 Dodge Stealth ES

I had made some references to my other vehicle, a 1991 Dodge Stealth ES. I bought this car new when I graduated from college. I have made the following mods:

Cold Air Intake
3SX Performance Headers and High Flow CConverter
3SX Performance CV joints
KYB sport struts
Addco Sway Bars
Moog Bushings
Goodyear F1 GSD3's
Clutchmaster Stage 1 system
Stillen drilled rotors, pads, quick bleeders, and SS brake lines
Modified fuel rail
Custom Aluminum defrost vents
Alpine stereo, MBQuart speakers, Kenwood Amp, 8" Kicker Subwoofer
Viper alarm system with pager
Tinted Windows
Battery maintenance charger
approx. 250HP and 250FT/LB Torque

This car is a five speed and is stll a daily driver. It is 18 years old and has never been in an accident.

It's in exceptional condition for it's age!

Thanks Wayne. I tend to keep all my vehicles for a long time. My 1995 GMC Yukon 4x4 is in just as good condition (my wife drives it every day and won't give it up). I just sold my 1998 Lincoln Continental to a friend and it too is immaculate. Some say I am crazy for buying all my vehicles new but if you take care of them, the money spent soon pays dividends in the end with no risk in wondering if the used car you bought was as well taken care of.
The Dodge Stealth was built in cooperation with Mitsubishi. There are various specs to the car and they even have the full blown Twin Turbo with the same engine as the GTO TT. The list is endless. :)
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