My T25 boosted 306 Dturbo

Thought i'd sling up some pics and spec of my 306, let me know what you think..

Spec is..

1.9 XUD turbocharged diesel engine
xantia inlet manifold
Big front mount intercooler with 2.5" polished alloy pipe
307 136bhp HDI 302mm big brake conversion
GTI6 Rear disc axle
HDI gearbox
Garrett T25 from a saab 9000
Manaual boost controller
11mm bosch pump with govner mod
FULL red and black leather seats
Ph3 front and back bumper with PH3 Boot
some kind of peugeot spoiler, it came on the boot!
xsi colour coded side skirts
Cd located lower down
Boost, oil temp & oil pressure gages in the centre where Cd player usually goes.
17" gloss black challenger alloys
60mm spax front springs on gti6 shocks
lowered 70mm rear
Straight through stainless steel powerflow exhaust
Black mask headlights
HDI clocks with leds changed to white, including the actual clock.

it made 144.9BHP on the rollers with its old T2 standard turbo & 27psi






pic with old seats!

Sorry about the massive post guys! cheers.
Very nice Peugeot! Just fix that side of passenger seat. Have in plan some other steering wheel aswell?
What's power numbers with new turbo?
Nah the seat isnt damaged, it needs a screw to hold the bit up thats all :)

Keeping the steering wheel, it's a ph3 HDI wheel with the silver lion badge and leather grip.

No power runs with new turbo yet, as i havent got it set up right atm.
With the xantia inlet manifold and the gti 6 shocks... were they just a basic swap? or was there a lot of modification to be done to support them?
Also, when wiring your boost gauge, which wires did you use? I tried using some from my radio loom and blown the radio fuse :/
Wire to your ignition if smoked, and sidelights if it changes colour or is unsmoked. Plus earth. I struggled with wiring at first but now I've done a fair few gauges and a top-spec Blitz ID3 boost controller it comes easy!
Wire to your ignition if smoked, and sidelights if it changes colour or is unsmoked. Plus earth. I struggled with wiring at first but now I've done a fair few gauges and a top-spec Blitz ID3 boost controller it comes easy!

I ordered a Haynes manual so that should help me a little bit! Cheers for the info... when I get a second I shall give it a go! :)
The xantia inlet manifold comes off the 1.9 Turbo diesel engine, they also come on 406 1.9 aswell, as they are front mounted as standard on those.
Okay.. thats good, does that mean you do not need to knock up a stupid adapter for the standard inlet for the front mount intercooler set up?
Thanks for sharing the project with us, it's certainly been an interesting read. I look forward to any updates you add over the next few months/years.:D
Ooo Thank god! I heard getting one was a right pain in the bottom!

Just one more question and I'll leave you alone. When changing turbo was there anything else that needed to be uprated?
Well the turbo wasent a straight fit, i had to "clock" the turbo to point the right angles, then i choose to have it welded onto my exhaust manifold, then i had a standard turbo elbow welded onto the turbo, so it would fit my original downpipe, i also had to have a custom oil feed made up, high pressure braided stainless hose, You realy need a bosch pump on there too for fueling a bigger turbo, as a lucas just wont cut it really, my bosch pump has a few internal modifications though, for even more fuel.
That is one very decent looking Peugeot! Never thought I'd say that. Diablo red is the best colour too. What's the power estimation?

(Looks like Jarrus has some competition!)
Well, we have been working on the car for 2 days, as the gate was jammed open, hence no boost, got the dremal into the turbo elbow and free'ed it up, put it all back on the car and it now boosts up, but only like 11-12psi, much better than 0psi...

Anyway the problem is a boost leak, the inlet manifold only has 4 bolts holding it onto the head, as the other 2's threads are buggered in the head, luckily i have a spare engine in the shed, so im taking the head off that on wednesday and having it skimmed and pressure tested, then getting an MLS gasket set, new head bolts, water pump, belt etc and going to change it over, so it will have a decent head on, and no boost leaks, when its set up right, with pump and MBC tweaks, im going to run it at low boost around 22psi, im hoping to brake 160bhp with that, seeing as it was 145bhp before on smaller standard turbo, i dont see 160 being a problem, i could run it at around 35psi and pull around 195bhp, as it's been done before on a similar set up, it's getting a mocal oil cooler set up in a few weeks time when this issue has been sorted.
Running 145bhp on a standard turbo? what model was it? KKK k03 or a Garrett? Bit late, but glad its sorted now mate.
I once saw a 306 2.0 HDI running 2.4 bar, did pretty at least for a year and never broke down.. HDI engines must be pretty strong. But I don't know about the 1.9 engine, isn't that the one born without turbo?

Anyway I like interior trim a lot, good job on the seats and the gauges are good looking ;D
Nice car buddy!,i would change the boost controller to an ellectronic one!,i have heard some horror stories about manual ones,changing boost on their own with drastic results, You sure have a nice car though!!!.
Car looks very nice, I have a 306 but its bright red!..Wish I had your colour!

Also, with the alloys.. I hear after 15" it gets a little unstable/uncomfortable on the 306?
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