Aum engine rebuild ???

Hi .
New to the site but loved the artical.
Iam in the throws of rebuilding a AUM engine to go in my 150 TT. I intend to up grade it futher, as the engine in the car at the moment has already been re-mapped. Great result from the re-map, but like most of us I want more, so now have a second AUM enginesitting on the bench to play with. Having read the article, am I right in saying all 1.8t engines have the same bore and stroke dimensions, ie 81mm bore and 144mm stroke. I know the AUM has 19mm gudgen pins and are a weak point in the engine along with the con rods. SO ! I intend to buy to good "H" section rods, but wonder if I can fit BAM pistons. What Ya reckon guys ?
Regards Bill
Hello and welcome Bill |B

I would love to have a TTRS to drive as they have evolved like Porsche have done over the years.

I think that there is a typo with the 144mm stroke measurement :oops: My info says 86.4 mm .

Not aware about the BAM pistons so I would buy a reputable make of forged rods and pistons that will able to handle to the increased cylinder pressures generated by forced induction.

FYI I had Wiseco pistons & Eagle rods on my old 400 hp car that was tracked 8 times a year with 20 psi boost for over 10 years and was still going strong when it was sold .
Hi thanks for that. I will re-check that measurement. What turbo are you running. Thinking of k280 but not sure what compression ratio I should run. I know the standard lump is around 9.5 but was thinking maybe 8.5 might hold it together longer.
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