Choosing the best performance spark plugs

Spark plugs “A bright spark” Spark plugs are an essential element in petrol engines but the spark plugs are often […]

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Track day Insurance for track days to cover car & driver

More people are electing to enjoy their cars to the maximum in the relatively safe environment of the track.

Many clubs and companies organise track days. Everything from the supercars like Porsche and Lamborghini and Ferrari right down to the home built kit cars and every day types of hot hatch and sports car in between.

When you start reading the small print you will realise that there is a lot of risk involved in this. For example damage caused to the track itself may be charged to the driver involved.

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Fuelling uprating the fuel system

More power means that more fuel is required so we need to uprate the fuel system and we look at performance mods for your fuelling to avoid running rich or lean.

It is essential to keep the mix of air to fuel exactly right. Power is lost when the engine adjusts itself to stop it running too rich or lean. Many power losses, which manifest themselves as flat spots, at certain points in the rev band can often be traced to a fuelling issue so we will look at performance fuelling upgrades and parts.

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Care and use of a cars air conditioning

We all take air conditioning for granted but this is a fairly complex system. The compressor will compress the gas then as this gas is pumped into the heat exchanger matrix and is allowed to expand it will take heat from the air running though the matrix. The gas though will often escape, albeit gradually over time, so you should have your air conditioning system checked and re-gassed at regular intervals. A typical air conditioning service will involve replacement of the pollen filters and a re-gas. Old gas needs to be disposed of in accordance with regulations so this is certainly a job for a specialist.

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