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Care and use of a cars air conditioning

We all take air conditioning for granted but this is a fairly complex system. The compressor will compress the gas then as this gas is pumped into the heat exchanger matrix and is allowed to expand it will take heat from the air running though the matrix. The gas though will often escape, albeit gradually over time, so you should have your air conditioning system checked and re-gassed at regular intervals. A typical air conditioning service will involve replacement of the pollen filters and a re-gas. Old gas needs to be disposed of in accordance with regulations so this is certainly a job for a specialist.

Ways to protect the paint on your car.

With the advent of modern water based paints comes the problem of paint degradation.

With a constant attack from acid rain, UV exposure, bird strikes, road salt, road tar and stone chips the paint is certainly under an onslaught of attack.

So what can you do to protect your paintwork from this damage?

Films are popular and many come in kit form with pieces pre cut to the shape of your car.

The racing line and high speed cornering techniques.

When taking corners the aim is to keep the car balanced throughout the bend and you need the highest exit speed you can manage.

We are talking balance between the front and rear of the car as the car will be likely to skid if weight is biased to the front or rear.

When on the track all movements, acceleration, braking and steering should all be done steadily and progressively.

Beginners Drifting tips.

Basic drifting techniques for beginners. "A slideways glance" Drifting is an art. Getting a car to go sideways requires a […]

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