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Fuel saving tips – getting better MPG

We could all save a substantial amount of money by adopting a few of these fuel saving driving tips. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for our pockets too. By keeping an eye on your MPG you can get early warning of problems like slow punctures or engine faults before they become more serious.

Allow the car to drift the last 700 yards up to a junction rather than accelerate all the way.

Beginners Drifting tips.

Basic drifting techniques for beginners. "A slideways glance" Drifting is an art. Getting a car to go sideways requires a […]

Xenon, Argon, Tungsten and HID bulbs comparison

The headlight bulb went the other day. In most cars I can ignore this until servicing time or the next MOT.

I know a lot of other TorqueCars members will have a go at me for this but I am often too busy to get involved with changing bulbs and I still have a driving lamp on that side anyway.

However, in my Audi, it is not possible to ignore this, each time you turn the lights on the car will beep a warning message at you and patronise you for your entire journey by showing you a picture of an amber bulb with an X through it.

Fuel octane ratings RON, MON, AKI RdON and PON explanation and compared.

Premium or Super? Should you try one of the newer 100+ octane fuels? What about an octane boosting petrol additive?

Does using a petrol with a higher RON improve performance or fuel economy?

TorqueCars will provide some answers and help you to decide what you should put into your tank. The old saying “you are what you eat” can also apply to what your car drinks.

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