More than painting the town red!

"Cool sprayed art on show cars,"

When you think of respraying your car most people think in terms of changing the colour.

So much is possible with a little imagination and determination.

Stickers can really change a cars appearance but there are limits to what you do with a sticker, especially at edges and joins.

Damage can always be repaired by the original artist but you will be paranoid when driving a work of art like the ones featured on this page!

The paint layers in spray art is built up and will usually be thicker and tougher than the original cars paint. A good layer of clear coat will protect the car from stone chips and helps protect the paint underneath.

Time wise sprayed art does not take that long if you know what you are doing and a bonnet can be done in a day (although longer drying time between each coat strengthens the paint).

This page should hopefully give you some inspiration and show you just what can be achieved.

You get what you pay for - don't expect to get this sort of finish from a few tins of cheapo paint from your local car shop!

Preparation is vital, you want the spray art to last a long time and if it starts flaking off in placed it will look ghastly. It is also vital to ensure that the surfaces are smooth, especially if you have use filler or added vents etc.

A tin of paint will not give a good enough finish and will tend to spit and cause blobs. Use a good quality spray gun and good quality paint - the old adage you get what you pay for certainly applies here.

Find a company at the many car shows, if you see a paint job you like ask the owner where he got it done. Many people have the skill to create fantastic works of art but lack the exposure so are holding down 2 jobs leaving respraying as a hobby. This is a shame, car spray art can be stunning to look at and as aesthetically pleasing as a stroll around any art gallery.

Many of the professional spray artists started out as graffiti artists and have now put their talents to good work. Most of the work on this page was done by Lawrence from Custom Shack, a very talented artist who signs his work Kaos.

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Some video footage of spray painted art from various shows, including some of the work you see on this page.

The footage actually shows a work in progress.

I wondered off for an hour and when I got back I was amazed at how much this guy had done!

The sound is a bit jerky - but it is the images that you should be looking at!


Here is a little more inspiration for your car styling project, remember that the only limit is your imagination...

Flames - very popular on street rods.

From the movies.

Pirates of the Carribbean theme by Geoff Sim - to see more of Geoffs work click here.

Alien eye creature Art

Face and planets

Panther art

Terminator van

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