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Waynne Smith has been involved in motoring journalism since 2001, writing articles for many online motoring websites including Readers Digest, London Loves Business, LA Weekly, Car Tuning Tips, Carref, TorqueCars, Drift Lock and Car Styling Tips.

He graduated both SEK College, Folkestone College, and was awarded BTEC and NVQ diplomas in business studies, and journalism skills. My first car tuning project started back in 2000 and since then I have modified and tuned many different cars over the years, helping others along the way and building up my knowledge and expertise.

My work has been featured on leading news sites, and we are quoted in numerous forums and how to articles around the web. Our website was also featured in the September 2008 issue of Performance BMW Magazine.

I have recently worked on a video feature with TDI tuning, covering their latest tuning box for the Audi A3 1.4 TFSi.

We also try and test products reporting on the best modifications and car products out there.

We are looking to expand our online magazine reach, and have active social media profiles and many industry wide contacts.

I have over the last 20 years worked for 2 local garages, one a main dealer for Skoda/VW and one a DOT MOT Test center, and 2 car body repair specialists.

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