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I started this site because I'm passionate about cars and disappointed at the results that I got from the many mods and tuning upgrades that I purchased!

We only talk cars at TorqueCars! We're serious about car performance tuning & are real car enthusiasts.

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We don't subscribe to the "MORE NOISE" = "MORE POWER" philosophy but we do believe you can never have too much power.

Our tuning project car for 2021
is the BMW 335i

A stock 335i offers so much to the driver, but what swayed us in our decision was the sheer tunability of this engine. Read our buyers guide on the 335i to read more.

The standard block handles around 800hp and with simple mods the power can be raised by an impressive 100hp.

If you apply more mods and upgrades you really can push the power envelope much higher, and there is an abundance of parts around for tuning the 335i

Both engines the N54 and more recent N55 with it's many revisions provide so much potential for a car tuning projects.

This site is always independent & unbiased both, in our articles, and the advice we give.

Tuning engines

We are also the ultimate modified car tuning guide when it comes to performance upgrades and we give a common sense "how to customize my car guide".

Find articles dedicated to cutting edge car styling and hot performance tuning with the latest modified car news & features with galleries and car specific projects along with updates on the very latest car tuning trends.

TorqueCars are home to the friendliest international car owners forum for all makes and models especially high performance cars. Join our car forums to get involved in the friendly and helpful community of people who have customized their cars.

Our helpful car forums contain a wealth of tips and advice (without the chatter and off topic posts), our media gallery is also very popular.

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Tuning articles

If you are just starting out with car tuning we suggest you get an overview of the various options. To make this accessible to all we have broken it down into 3 stages of tune.

Then when you understand the basics you'll be ready to look into each of the specific mods and tuning upgrades for your car.

  • Stage 1 mods - most popular and an easy set of modifications to install
  • Stage 2 mods - more complex mods but you'll make more power
  • Stage 3 mods - pushing everything to extreme and building a track car

The articles on TorqueCars are frequently updated and amended as new modifications become available so check back frequently.  Recent additions include stroker kits, cryogenic treatments, twin scroll turbos, and twincharging.

With the drive for more efficiency we see engines built more strongly and are more tolerant of power gains and tuning mods, and thanks to the advances in machine shop technology we can use tolerances and precision that was previously reserved for motorsport teams.

We take an in-depth look at the simplest tuning techniques with most people wanting higher torque cars but we also look at essential handling and popular styling mods, pour yourself a great coffee, and enjoy the site.

At the bottom of the site you'll find a car makers listing, where we go into specifics for each and every model of car. Interestingly our most popular makes are BMW and Audi at the moment.

We value your feedback, and with the suggestions tips and pointers you pass on we can continue to provide the best cutting edge car tuning guide out there.

Car modification tips

Mustang tuning
We expose the common pitfalls and feature the latest cars, car styling trends and news about tuning cars (engine tuning tips) and the automotive industry.

There are many pitfalls to car modification and customizing your car, and we get to see and hear about many modified cars which turned out to be positively dangerous.

Custom cars are built to reflect the personality, driving style, and preferences of the owner and this is achieved through the addition of modified car parts to create a custom car set up that meets a driver's individual requirements.

Find out what Torque is in a car and how it compares to BHP and how to customize your car to make more power. Below are some links to our latest updates and articles in our most popular categories.

Read more on modifying cars.

It is possible to blow huge amounts of money on car modifications, ruining your automobile and ending up with a fuel drinking stodgy bone shaker that looks like a tacky Christmas tree from last year.
This site is intended to assist you in deciding which mods to do and gives a realistic opinion of what the car will end up like with various levels of modification and gives a common sense guide on the pitfalls to avoid and common mistakes.

How to do car modifications & car styling properly

Track cars are rebuilt each time they are raced and they are set up for optimum conditions on the flat surface of the track. When it comes to modifying a daily runaround car or hot hatch - we have to tune and apply modifications to our cars to work for a year without a service, run over pot holes and speed humps and cope with a variety of weather conditions and loads.

We needed to establish a sensible how to guide for car tuning modifications (car mods) that will cope well with everyday driving but help you to get the maximum enjoyment from it. Styling modifications and car styling trends frequently change, we keep you up to date with the latest styling parts, modifications and tips with practical advice. We also have a new UK version of Torque Cars biased toward our UK users.

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My motivation for creating this site was the misleading claims made by the manufacturers of performance parts. They often quote power gains of 30bhp and in reality this was achieved on a v8 engine in ideal lab conditions. In the real world some of these mods can rob you of low down power and Torque.

The first car mods our members do are usually alloy wheels, intake and exhaust and suspension upgrades so you might want to start with these pages.

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BMW 335i - 2021 COTY

We gave the BMW 335i our coveted car of the year award, read more about this awesome car and see why 335i Tuning Guide

Tips for N54 Tuning

Tips for N55 Tuning

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