How to fully customize your car

"Getting into the custom car scene"

The popular craze of car customizing has been around since the introduction of the car itself.

We will treat customization to a wider definition than car tuning, as it includes more areas of the car including entertainment, gadgets, visual customizations and performance modifications.

Plan your custom car project carefully in advance to avoid wasting time and money.

So how do I customize my car?

Plan first! Don't just start without having a path through the modifications and customization mods you are planning.

We see far too many cars which have just had almost random parts thrown at them.

People who have this approach  when they customize a car usually end up wasting money ripping things off again to replace it with another part.

Custom Visual improvements.

Body kits and skirts, wings and spoilers, vents, scoops, wheels and engine bling are all popular. On the car interior you can select a wide range of new styles of seat, dashboard upgrades and steering wheel and pedal upgrades are around. Choose the parts carefully. Buy cheap and end up buying twice! Higher quality parts, last longer and usually fit more easily. Cheap parts will often not quite fit and will require a degree of extra finishing.

Performance enhancements.


You could uprate the engine power fitting turbos, twinchargers, fast road cams, induction kits, sports exhausts and remaps.

Looking at the tuning stages you'll see that some parts work fine on their own, whereas others will usually need other modifications to make them work well or to extract the full performance benefit.

Don't just focus on making the car go faster, it will need to stop well. Uprate the brakes and suspension to ensure that the car is safe to drive and will perform well on spirited track day driving.

Extreme modifications


These would include things such as Air and Hydraulic suspensionStretched tires, extreme camber, Lambo door conversions and major structural changes to the car.

These are usually done according to taste and there are so many different custom car scenes out there you'll find one to suit your taste and style.

Most of these extreme mods will render your car a show only vehicle, due the largely impractical nature of living daily with such extreme modifications although there are degrees on how far you can go even with these extreme modifications. Local car construction and use regulations may well outlaw some of the customizations you wish to perform on your car.

Customize your own car and go the DIY route


Following our guides and with the help of our online community you will be surprised at how much you can do. It usually pays to get someone involved who has experience and you'll get a higher quality finish.

You could always fit some parts yourself and go to a bodyshop for the final respray and finishing touches. This gives a high quality finish and keeps the cost down initially.

When it comes to fitting custom performance parts we would strongly recommend you seek professional assistance. We have seen many custom cars out there with serious defects and issues that are primarily attributed to inexperience.

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