Styling - choosing a theme.

"Doing it in STYLE."

This is typically a matter of taste and many people go in with a halfhearted effort buying a few mass produced parts and get left with something that looks tacky.

Although the cost of styling a car can add up quickly there is money to be made through sponsorship deals and offers of appearances in movies, pop videos, magazines and adverts.

If you have established a good reputation as a regular on the show circuit you will find that many companies will offer you work at cost price if you agree to advertise their business and this can be a great way of achieving a £30,000 look for £10,000!

Get it right and the rewards pay off - mess things up and you'll end up with a tacky mess!

When styling a car make sure you have a theme in mind. Just like decorating your home you need to carefully choose colours that blend or contrast well.

The theme is vitally important and will make your car stand out. Look through our member only gallery of show cars for inspiration. Attention to detail and a sense of humour also go a long way.

You might base your theme on a movie, a superhero or an alien technology look but make sure it is applied all the way down to the little things like dashboard, gear stick and other interior features.

Inspiration may also come from the world of motorsport where team colours, spoilers and wheel styles are imitated. This can look very tacky if not done propertly so please exercise caution.

One word you should keep in mind is originality. Off the shelf body kits are fairly easily modified and create a totally unique look. I have seen kits from sports cars modified and fitted to typical hot hatches and lift them into a new level. 

People have fabricated their own wide body kits and made the car look much more agressive and powerful. The more people that have to ask you what car is it the better the job you have done!

Enjoy the attention you will receive. If you are shy and retiring then styling options are not for you. You will be expected to talk to people about your car in great detail at shows, meets and even in the local petrol station.

You also need to be patient as people will typically ask the same questions, "How often do you clean it?", "How fast does it go?", "Does it pull the birds?", or the plain rude "How much have you spent on that thing?".

Never ever cut corners and see that any damage or cracking of paint is dealt with promptly or the car will look really tacky on closer inspection.

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