News review of 2006

"Hot Stories from 2006"

Fuel prices were at a 2 year low, but following an increase in taxation they were soon back to late 2005 levels, expect to see £1.20 per litre at the pumps this year. More and more cars are being made more environmentally friendly, with hydrogen power, fuel cell and dual power engines being experimented with. 

The new Supra concept under the Lexus badge is perhaps the most interesting, a petrol and electric power engine giving a choice of how Enviro friendly you want it taken from the GS450 the 341bhp 3.5-litre V6 hybrid power train provides enough Torque to make a Supercar weep. The car will be available in coupe and convertible versions and rumours continue to suggest a 500 bhp V10, 450bhp V8 or V6 with 350 bhp & 7 speed gearbox so we will wait and see what the final specification is.

2006 was a year of press speculation - with many new cars announced to capture the attention of the power hungry motorist.

New Mini launched or should we say the new new mini. One of the most successful cars ever with a full order book from the day it was launched and strong residuals many resisted that you should change a winning formula.

But change it they did, mostly very subtle changes that only an owner or mini fan would notice unless the cars were side by side. BMW have pulled off a minor coup - keeping the essence of the car unchanged but giving it some subtle updates.

Following a year of speculation, read press manipulation, VW announce Iroc a relaunch of the Scirocco, perhaps there is also going to be a SCCO model. VW unveiled a green concept which has been generally very well received and with the latest VAG engines including the twin charger, it will need a special kind of idiot to turn it into a flop for VW!

Vauxhall announcing that they were Supercharging the Monaro up to 500bhp, and also, they announced that this year (2007) they would be releasing a 600bhp version.

Richard Hammonds crash was a stark reminder how dangerous motor sport can be. A brave man indeed, Richards crash reverberated around the motoring community and floods of good well wishes were sent, speeding his recovery. His first interview shows that he has kept his sense of humour and we look forward to seeing him back in action again. 

The classic muscle car fans will have been drooling at the news that Dodge are re-vamping the 1970 Challenger for release in 2008 and Chevrolet re-doing the 1969 Camaro.

The Aygo - a chic city car show what can be achieved when car makers pool resources with Toyota Peugeot and Citroen involved. The car offers a cheeky drive with low insurance and excellent fuel economy. Other than a shared platfom and power plant each maker will offer different trims and subtles styling alterations.

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