What a wind up

"Our top 10 driving wind ups"

Things that wind other drivers up. In a bid to keep our roads running smoothly with a minimum of fuss we have compiled a list of the biggest annoyances.

The list was compiled by members of TorqueCars forum who are international in scope so it should be fairly representative.

1) Tailgaters, driving too close to the car in front. This is typically done by a boy racer and it is probably down to the fact he's installed massive speakers in his car and the magnets mean he can't physically keep his distance. It's also done by the shortsighted because the car looks much further away than it is.

2) Failing to indicate changes of directions. So many drivers are blissfully unaware of anyone else on the road they completely fail to see the need to use the turn signals. Another camp of drivers probably have as much of a surprise at the cars change of direction as all those following them.

3) Driving slowly or overly cautiously. Some drivers shouldn't be on the road. If the roads are that scary then why bother driving and use public transport. Speed limits are clearly the maximum and we wouldn't dream of endorsing speeding but driving at half the posted limit in clear conditions is a massive wind up.

How many of our top 10 wind ups are you guilty of? I bet we all do some of these NO - NO's from time to time.

4) Failing to give way when others have priority. It would appear that there is an unwritten law of mass here with drivers of big heavy vehicles seemingly having priority over everyone else. Speed also comes into play here and it would seem that the faster car is the one that doesn't have to give way. Occasionally two like minded drivers will abruptly meet and to be frank they are quite welcome to each other.

5) Parking wherever they like. White van drivers and taxi drivers would have the world believe that the hazard lights render a car invisible and no longer a hazard even though it is blocking the road, an entrance way or just abandoned in a stupid place.

6) People who pull out then go slowly. Why do people wait for a car to come, then pull and drive really slowly causing them to slow right up when there is often a massive gap after the car they have cut up. I lose count of the number of times I've been driving along a quiet main road and some dozer waits, then pulls out in front of me so I have to brake and then just tootles along blissfully unaware of what he's done.

7) Car parking lot navigational idiots. One way systems in car parks are there for a reason. Why do some drivers seem to think car parks = no enforceable rules. They then get a shock when they cause a jam and are the first to start moaning at everyone else when it is obviously their fault.

8) Failure to use the correct lane. In some motorway systems like the UK overtaking to the left is outlawed. Sitting in the middle or outside lane renders the other lanes useless and creates massive delays. So to all members of CLOC - the Centre Lane Owners Club we would say "Keep left and learn to drive properly." It's even worse when approaching slip roads or junctions and on roundabouts where a driver is in the wrong lane and ends up cutting through the traffic.

9) The "over cutters" wind lots of people up. On a busy road overtaking a car to be stuck in front of it seems to be a waste of time. These drivers will often stay close to the car they are overtaking and force them to brake to create a gap they can pull into. Overtaking only makes sense when you have an open road ahead and low traffic. These overtakers think they are good drivers when in reality it is a matter of other people having to get out of their way to avoid a collision.

10) The "no thankers". When you let someone out or through a gap it is a common courtesy to issue a thank you. For some drivers it is a thumbs up, others will lift a finger or wave and it doesn't take a lot of effort. It would appear that there are a lot of drivers out there who seem to think the world owes them. Well get over it, you don't. Nice people who let your through will stop being nice and turn into selfish drivers like you if you don't thank them.

We'd love to know what sort of things wind you up, so join the debate in our forum and we'll see if we can put the driving world right.

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