Quarter Mile time calculator

"You still owe me a 10 second car" - Fast & Furious"

Please note that this calculator cannot be more than 95% accurate for every make and model and does not take into account the age of a car, windspeed and gearing and air temperature.

This calculator has been based upon a number of theories* of drag time calculations and our own research from car performance data statistics.

We have weighted the theories to give the most accurate results as each of the theories skew results for different hp engines. *Professor G T Fox, Patrick Hale ( Auto Math Handbook) . We hope to fine tune these results a little further and would welcome your feedback.

To calculate your approximate 1/4 mile time enter the hp & weight in KG (not lb)

HP   Weight kg (incl driver!)

1/4 mile time

It is an interesting exercise to see what the power requirements and weight limits are to meet your ideal strip time. The times shown are effectively the best most drivers can hope to achieve.

Q) I can't enter drive train air temps, altitude or any other essential factors.
A) This is a very simple calculator and takes averaged results. Larger power figures are skewed to assume RWD and lower power figures are assumed to be FWD. We hope to have a more accurate calculator with extra options to fine tune this further and welcome all feedback.

Q) How accurate is the calculator.
A) It can only be as accurate as the data that has gone into it. Most visitors report it being within .3 of a second of their best time but there have been one or two that have been wildly inaccurate but these are generally down to the use of slicks and other pro drag setup factors that we have not included. For street cars you can realistically expect to get within .5 of a second of the indicated time, depending on your change times and getting a good start.

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A) Yes links to this page are very welcome and always appreciated. However we do not have an option for embedding the calculator into other sites (yet).

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14 Responses to “quarter mile time Calculator 1/4 mile from weight and bhp”

  1. doug says:

    1/4 mile calculator is not even close to being accurate.
    cmon if i have 3400 lb car with 650 ponies = 14.5 et? you gotta see the humor in that right? thats nowhere even close to , ya i said that alread

    • TorqueCars says:

      You need to enter the weight in KG not LBS.

    • Al says:

      The calculator is fairly accurate overall you would be around 11 to 11.3 for yr car and power assuming you can get the power to the ground etc – i had a toyota supra mk3 turbo totally stock i got 15.0 flat best run out of it but this calculator estimates 15.4 ish based on 1590 kg car plus 100kg for me yeah interesting

  2. Jazman says:

    This is actually pretty accurate. I have 195hp and about 1200kg weight including me inside and i recently had 14.8 time. Could’ve done better but had grip issues. But this is quite accurate.

  3. TCJBOLDIE says:

    IS power for the calculation flywheel or at the wheels power figure???

    • TorqueCars says:

      It was designed to be at the flywheel.

      • TCJBOLDIE says:

        would be good if it can calculate times from at the wheel power for modified cars as there are to many variables in drive trains to get accurate FW HP

  4. TCJBOLDIE says:

    11.64 by your method 1350kg with 450 FW HP
    Morosso slide calculator says 11.6 with 1350kg and 490 HP at the wheels so close enough 4 me

  5. Dylan says:

    Was spot on for 300hp and 1250kgs I ran a 12.9 irl

  6. Tim says:

    That calculator is pretty darn accurate. My ’12 Challenger puts down 440 RWHP and weighs about 1950 KG with me in it and my best pass so far is a 13.16. The Calculator says 13.19. Pretty close

    • Mark says:

      A formula 1 car has little to no mechanical grip from 0 to 100 km/h till they get down force the combustion engines power is limited and the electric motor is not used. When they get downforce they do pretty good doing 100 to 200km/h in 2 seconds which is much faster than they do 0 to 100km/h but from around 160km/h the massive downforce they create causes drag which hurts acceleration I guess they do pretty good from 110 to 310 km/h where they are usually about during a race after all they are designed to be fast round a track especially in corners and braking then there are all the changing regulations on everything as I believe they are at the limits of what a human can do without crashing into each other I think they do about 9’s or high 8’s I put the 2019 weight of an f1 car in and hp which I think is about 1000hp and 740kg and got 7.8 seconds any thoughts?

      • TorqueCars says:

        Unsurprisingly we did not take into account an F1 car when this was made. It just never figured in our calcs, we did lighter lower power cars, and much heavier 1200hp cars, we also plugged in some RWD and FWD configurations! The car is not designed to drag the quarter, so as you point out has major traction issues. The times at 8-9 seconds are the ballpark I would expect, even with sticky drag tyres. When I get time I will revisit this calculator and plug in some more data. I appreciate your feedback.

  7. bob butta says:

    what??? 286 hp 3600 lb car runs 18.6 seconds in 1/4 mile?…lol…lol…lol…omg!!.I drove v6 1997 firebird with headers, catback exhaust, 3;73 rear gears, cold air induction and ran 14.78 in the quarter mile…

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