Changing rear bulbs in Audi cars

This covers most models of Audi from 2003 to date including the A3, A4 TT and A5 range.

The method will also work on most other VAG group cars as the light designs are similar.

Audi rear bulbs are a pain to change if you don't know how.

If you don't know how do change the bulb in your Audi's rear light cluster and don't have a manual you'll probably never work it out.

Follow our simple step by step instructions.

Pop out the little cover to expose the screw.

There is a plastic hex tool in the spare wheel toolkit which fits over the screw and allows you to turn this screw.


If you don't have the tool you can insert a flat screwdriver into the groove on the bolt and turn this anticlockwise. When it starts to wobble you are best off turning it by hand and keeping tight grip on it so it doesn't fall inside the rear recess.


Once you have removed this bolt the whole of the rear light cluster will come out.

With a twisting motion from the rear towards the front prize out the lens cover by rotating it out of it's housing. There are 2 small lugs near the front end (outside edge). To the rear (inside edge) there is a rubber casing which just pops out.


There are two screws on the rear of the lens cover that wil allow you to remove the bulb cluster from the housing. keep the rubber seal in place, it can be quite hard to stretch it back into place if it comes off.


You did work out which bulb needed changing didn't you. Pull out the bulb that has failed by pressing it lightly and rotating it slightly. Insert the new bulb and test it before you put everything back together.


Fit the rubber seal in place, do up the retaining screws to reattach the bulb housing to the lens cover.

Fitting again is a simple reversal of the removal process. It takes a  wiggle to get this back into place but again line up the front end with the lugs and lug holes, and then twist the back end on a pivot. The retaining screw is a tight fit so you'll have to put pressure on the lens cover to get it back into place.


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