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TorqueCars started as a hobby, a few pages about my Rover 220 Gti and documenting the problems and modifications I made to it. I discovered that many of the claims made by manufactures were misleading and decided to create a community where others can share their tuning and styling experiences so we could be a practical "best practice" guide to car modifications.

Step by step the site has grown to what it is today, there is still much work to be done, but we are fast becoming the no 1 source of quality unbiased car tuning information online.

We now get around 10,000 visitors per day on our site and boast over 30,000 forum members.

Because we only Talk cars we decided to call the site TorqueCars. Since then TorqueCars has just kept growing and growing and we are going from strength to strength. Torque Cars is still a hobby but is starting to become an obsession!

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