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"Parotec 206 CC Body Kit"

Parotech 206 CC Bodykit

The Peugeot 206 has always been a fine car. For tuners and modders it has provided many opportunities to create something quite unique. Whether modifying a GTI or a HDi or a simple 1.1lx there are some great looking 206's on the road. The one exception perhaps has been the 206 CC. We all know it's a great car in it's own right. Ahead of it's time in many ways, and still holds it own against the other convertible hardtops. Yet there is a slight suspicion that it belongs in the realm of the hairdresser rather than he serious tuner or modder.

However that needn't be the case anymore. Parotech have produced a stunning bodykit for the 206 CC, which Ecosse the exclusive distributer in the UK and Ireland are selling for £2,585. Now for that kind of money you rightly expect to get something that will give your ride a complete makeover. Believe me this does not disappoint.

Parotech 206 CC Bodykit

Now for that kind of money you rightly expect to get something that will give your ride a complete makeover. Believe me this does not disappoint.

The profile of the 206 has always been attractive, and Parotech sensibly have not tinkered too much with the overall shape, however the front bumper conversion gives the car a more muscular appearance, reminiscent of a boxer jutting his chin out at an opponent. While the rear spoiler is a true work of art. Mounted at a similar angle to the front windscreen, it gives the car a marked symmetry. Drawing the eye to the driver and cockpit.

Parotech 206 CC BodykitParotech 206 CC Bodykit

The light conversions front and rear, punctuate the smoothed off panels beautifully. Just like the standard car they wrap around the wings of the 206, yet Parotech have made them appear far more sporting, and a real feature.

The rear bumper conversion is an absolute work of art. Rounded and smoothed off under the rear of the car, housing a tasty big bore exhaust it really looks the part. Finished of with some big juicy alloys and red callipers.

Parotech 206 CC BodykitParotech 206 CC Bodykit

The Peugeot 206 CC deserves it place in the modders conscious. I have seen a few well built modified 206 CC's, mainly with lambo doors and leather interiors. But nothing has come close to this, especially not off the shelf. Well worth a look if you have a CC sitting in the garage crying out for a conversion.

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