Tuning the Mighty 2JZ GTE engine

"The comprehensive 2JZ GTE tuning guide"

A stunning inline super smooth high revving, 6 cylinder block which was seriously over engineered, is a favourite of tuners today and finds it's way into many track day projects and conversions.

2JZ GE is a NASP engine, but with higher compression than the GTE so is not suitable for adding a turbo without reducing the compression ratio, a significant job in it's own right.

2JZ-GTE introduced in 91 but wasn't put in a Supra until 1993 and production lasted 5 years.

The manual gearbox is preferred when pushing large power gains as the autoboxes are limited in the amount of torque they can handle.

Designed for 600bhp Toyota reduced the power due to market forces leaving a tuners dream.

A clever sequential turbo system is used here with the first turbo delivering power at 1650rpm and the second turbo comes on stream by 4000rpm.

Both turbos are the same size, and the benefit of sequential is that you avoid lag and can hit higher power figures than you could with a parallel twin turbo setup thanks to dual compression.

You can convert the sequential turbo into a parallel setup by swapping in 2 check valves, and some vacuum hose and wiring the actuators open. Many forums and sites offer detailed instructions for this and you get a smoother power delivery, more power between 1600 and 4000 rpm but it will create some low down lag.

The W58 gearbox is good for around 350bhp, if you go over this then you'll need to look at something like the R154 box which can go happily to around 575bhp.

Weak spots on the 2JZ engines

  • Sequential turbos can fail, usually the second turbo due to shaft twist
  • Crank pulley breaks
  • Oil pump seal blow out
  • Timing belt tensioner brackets are weak

2JZ-GTE amazing can handle around 600bhp of reliable power on stock internals. The stock fuel and turbo can run around 1.2 bar of boost so fit a boost controller and adjust this to suit your car and you'll see around 400bhp which is a pretty low cost high power modification.

A front mounted intercooler is a good idea, the intake air can get really hot, match the intercoolers flow rate with your engines power.

Aiming for over 450bhp

Get a hybrid turbo, you'll need around 560cc injectors to cope with the next power hike to 450bhp and an uprated fuel pump. Clutches start to complain at this level so look for a heavy duty clutch.

Cams with a 263-267 duration work well in this power band and give plenty of top end torque without sacrificing the bottom end of the rev range.

ECU remaps, go for an aftermarket ECU or good quality piggy back model. Make sure it still has knock control, we have seen some kits lacking this essential feature.

Beyond 700bhp

Pushing power to 700bhp will need a bigger turbo, the twin setup is best replaced with a modern high flow large turbo, you'll be surprised how much low end torque they give and there is little lag to speak of if they are setup correctly.

The turbo inlet size now will need to be around 65-80mm and the waste gate and intercooler will need to flow more air. Thankfully there are many suitable race spec parts around.

Inside the engine, you'll start to suffer from valve float so counter this with stiffer valve springs.

Fuel injectors will need to be around 1050cc and motorsport cams will complete the package, taking you to around 800bhp.

1000bhp and over

Large turbos around 83mm inlets are what you need, the whole fuel system, 1300cc injectors pump and pressure regulator will need uprating to race spec.

Forged engine parts and balancing are essential for these power gains, but it still remains an achievable target thanks to the engines design. A large turbo is the key ingredient then you just have to make sure fuel matches and the engine is strong enough to cope.

Timing belts, cooling system and oil pump will need to be changed for race spec versions.

We have seen power figures approaching 2000bhp on the 2JZ blocks, but extensive and very expensive work was carried out.

Please join us in our forums to tell us about your project and swap tuning tips with other 2JZ owners.

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