Mossleman Supercharger kits

"Getting more power without hurting your pocket"

In today’s climate were fuel is expensive, the government are taxing us heavily and everyone is on about the theory of Global warming the motoring enthusiast who wants more power seems to be under attack.

Big engines are apparently killing the planet - and the motorist is getting the blame; despite the huge emissions from factories, manufacturing industries, and increasing aircraft usage.

So what do we do, give up our desires and resign to the electric car that barely makes 50 miles?

Or have to take a loan out to pay for the fuel tax on the car that will give us the power that we have always desired?

The answer NONE of the above, We are encouraged by the men in Downing Street and eco-friendly enthusiast to drive around in small engine cars, so lets do as they ask.

But they have overlooked something, FORCED INDUCTION! They have failed to see that FI can produce as much power as the big straight sixes and V8’s with more benefits.

The Mosselmann Turbo and Supercharger kits represent fantastic value and are one of the most significant modifications around.

We have found the answer. Mosselman’s ‘bolt-on’ turbo and supercharger kits are available for most German made cars.

They allow the car driver to still get nearly the same MPG as they expect from the small engine car. But when they want more power, the kits will gain them 30-40% on their engine producing a car which will still keep money in their pockets whilst fulfilling their power desires!

The kits come complete with everything needed for the fitting, including full fitting instructions so if you feel confident the home tuner can fit it. The kits run low boost so no need to up rate any of the engines internals.

All kits come complete with a secondary ECU so no need for the expensive remap, They all come with guarantees and warranties, The kits start from £2900 (check with your supplier) and they are available for BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, SEAT, SKODA.

Mosselman produce kits for most engines sizes; 1600 right up to the M3/X5’s and more

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One Response to “Aftermarket supercharger and turbo kits for Audi, Mercedes and BMW”

  1. brad says:

    I am interested in the limitations and onward effects of having a supercharger installed onto my 118d- could you help?
    Currently it is standard + remap (186bhp) and i would like to know what the extra power would be if i upgraded the turbo (and what the upgrade would be) with/or a supercharger?


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